You might already know, but July is going to be an intense energetic month for us all. Things are currently working up energetically and as time goes by the events to come are going to be making things stressful for us all.

On July 12th-13th there is going to be a new moon and a partial solar eclipse for those who might not be aware both of these things bring a very refreshing energy. The new moon represents the beginning of a new lunar cycle and it brings forth new beginnings. The partial solar eclipse also marks the beginning of a new chapter in life and brings forth sudden change. During this time you might feel as if you are not yourself or as if you don’t quite recognize who you are. That is because you are receiving something from these energies that you do not quite understand just yet.

This new moon will be in Cancer and because of that Cancer energy we will also be called on to really pay attention to our own feelings and desires. During this new moon, we need to really look back on our lives and really unravel the things within our lives to get a better picture of things. In doing this we are able to plant seeds for our futures. Don’t be afraid to give yourself the space you need to feel the emotions before you.

The energies coming our way are going to really work together to push us more to unveil this chapter of our lives. This marks the beginning of a shift that will really put something to end that we have been needing to leave behind for quite some time. This could be something we are unaware of or something we have been holding onto.

Do not fight the energies that are being presented before you. Don’t let anything hold you back, really allow the energies to push you forward and get things done. It is important not to panic! Remember to sit back and relax. This eclipse will be a chance for you to really work through things that have been dragging you down. Move forward in this and allow these energies to do something amazing for you.

For more information on this and the energies before you, feel free to check out the video below. There are great things to come! This new moon and partial solar eclipse is going to bring forth something special.

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