For those who might not be aware, there is going to be a partial solar eclipse as well as a new moon on August 11th. The Eclipse will bring forth lots of energies but also enhance the effects we will be gaining from this new moon itself.

The solar eclipse shows us that while we should be demanding things we should also be taking the time to sit back and relax. Nothing will be sugar coated and a lot of hard things to handle will come from this. This will be the end of one cycle and beginning of another, more interesting one.

Solar eclipses bring shocking revelations forth that can sometimes shock us to our cores. You will be feeling much more full of passion and ready to focus on whatever it is you have been needing to do in your life. Any problems that come up will be broken down quickly as you will finally be taking care of the things you need to take care of.

This eclipse/new moon is going to really be bringing forth the sense of balance that you have been needing for quite some time now. You will be embracing your more nurturing side, working hard, and really breaking through to a whole new world you never imagined could exist in the first place. This eclipse in itself can feel like a double-edged sword but if you use the energies before you properly you will reap the positive benefits, big time.

Focus your thoughts on something important to you and really put yourself out there. While some of the people around you might want you to bring you down, if you persevere you will succeed. There is a lot in store for you.


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