Netflix Users Around the Globe Were in A Frenzy When the Popular Streaming Service Went Down

By June 13, 2018 World News

With over 125 million streaming subscribers around the globe, there is no arguing the fact that Netflix is dominating the world of streaming media and video. The popular streaming service provides users with the ability to live-stream their favorite television shows and movies from their smartphone, tablet, laptop or other electronic devices.

With a minimal subscription cost, the service has quickly become a favorite among those looking to cut back on the cost of their cable or satellite TV services, while also freeing themselves from the pesky commercials.

However, no one could prepare themselves for just how worked up the network of Netflix users around the world would be when the service went down this Monday. Subscribers attempting to use the service were met with an error message in place of the video that they had requested to stream: “Netflix error: this title is not available to watch instantly.” Adding to the complication, the Netflix’s status page, designed to relay the message to users in the event that the service is broken, was also failing to load.

Upset that they were unable to access their favorite shows, users took to social media in search of an answer. The company’s official Twitter account confirmed that they were experiencing a worldwide problem, stating “We are aware of members having trouble streaming on all devices. We are investigating the issues and appreciate your patience.”

The one thing that the company avoided doing was sharing any indication of what may have potentially caused the outage. In fact, when members of the media, like well-known news source CNBC, made an attempt to reach out to Netflix requesting further information about what had happened they received no reply.

It was just over an hour after the company first confirmed that they were having technical difficulties that they then confirmed that the situation had been remedied with another tweet: “The streaming issues we reported earlier have now been resolved. Thank you for your patience, and as always, happy streaming!” The company’s status page also confirmed that they were no longer experiencing any issues with the service.

While the outage only lasted approximately an hour, it was long enough for users to blow up Twitter with their candid tweets and humorous jokes about the outage. These ranged from hilarious GIFs and images to confessions of their dependence on the service. If nothing else, the chatter on Twitter provided users with a way to pass the time while the waited for the mystery problem to be solved.

Here is a collection of our favorite tweets:

Image via Twitter

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