NAVY SEAL: 3000 Elite Pedophiles Arrested – Media Silent

While an apparent epidemic of child trafficking has recently been made clear by the alternative media, it has been going on for ages. Former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer has responded to this devastating trend by fighting it through his organization Veterans for Child Rescue (V4CR).

During a groundbreaking interview in the video below, Sawyer speaks about his organization and explains the extent of the issue that we are currently dealing with.

According to him,

“I’m getting high-level information from federal law enforcement and intelligence communities. There have been over 3,000 arrests since January.”

And due to these arrests, he explains that he has learned quite a bit about “high-level elite pedophile rings” that are “snatching up our children.”

Of course, there are many that continue to refer to those of us who understand the issue we are encountering with elite child trafficking rings conspiracy theorists. However, according to facts, child traffickers come from all walks of life. For example, the Associated Press recently unearthed the fact that the U.N had encountered thousands of cases involving their so-called peacekeepers that would travel to nations devastated by poverty, and then use their children like toys.

According to Sawyer’s website, his association was formed to “specifically to EXPOSE that which has been covered up and suppressed – the dark and disgusting world of pedophile trafficking rings. These rings include members from every level of our society and involve unthinkable trauma inflicted upon innocent babies and children – the soul of our nation.”

Included in his group are a number of individuals that come from many different levels of Military Special Operations, Federal Law Enforcement, International Counter-Poaching Operations, Intelligence Officials and others.

And even as hard as they are trying to work against human trafficking, Sawyer states in the interview that “Social media is suppressing my reach. Crowdfunding sites have undermined us. But we are gaining more and more support from high-level officials. It’s a grassroots movement that is growing very very quickly.”

You can watch this rest of the interview below. Thankfully, there are still wonderful people left in this world who want to help those affected by child trafficking. Of course, this spells nothing but bad news to those involved in such elite child trafficking rings, but, what is bad news for them is something we can rejoice about.

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