If you are a spiritually inclined person you know all too well the reality that is the spirit world. Now, what the spirit world is to you might vary from the rest but nonetheless, there still is one.

The spirit world is full of all kinds of different spirits and sometimes we are visited by those spirits. These spirits could be mere one-time encounters or they might even be your full on guide through life. This just depends on the person and the spirit. We also encounter many different spirits throughout life, there is never ‘just one.’

If you think you are being visited by a spirit you should take a look at the descriptions below. It might better help you understand what/who you are facing. Being in the presence of something more is a wonderful experience.

“We are spirits deceived by the sky to create light and trade our souls to the sun but fail to become galaxies when it’s dark” 
― Goitsemang Mvula

The Spirit World: What kind of spirit are you encountering?

The Defender

This kind of spirit is here to work for you not against you. This spirit will be there when you need someone whether you notice them or not. They are the comfort that comes out of nowhere while you cannot see it, it is still there.

The Message-Bearer

This kind of spirit is bringing you a message. Sometimes those messages are easy to read and other times it takes a little work to really understand what the spirit is saying. These messages can come in the form of just about anything.

The Wicked

This kind of spirit is heading your way with dark intentions. While at first, they may feel warm things will grow into something malice. Be aware of this kind of spirit, if something is really bothering you on a deeper level you might be dealing with a wicked spirit working against you.

The Constructive

This spirit is one that sets out to help you on your journey. This spirit is going to guide you to where you need to be. I guess you could also refer to this one as your ‘guardian angel.’

The House Guest

This kind of spirit is often a loved one who has passed coming to check up on you. Our loved ones who are no longer with us make trips to see us when they can. While you might not see them you feel their presence and they make it known that they are there.

Depending on what kind of spirit is visiting you, you may or may not need to be wary. When these spirits visit you need to remember that the more you listen to them the better. For more on your spirit guide and how to recognize whether or not you are communicating with yours, please check out the video below.

Once you have identified what kind of spirit you are facing you can protect your energy all the while experiencing something amazing. We all have lots to learn from the spirit world in itself.


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