Have you ever really stopped to think about what America is and where it came from? Don’t get me wrong, I know we learn a good bit in history class growing up, but at that age, we don’t really take everything in as we would later in life.

I recently came across a video online that I feel needs to be shared. It is something that goes over far more spiritual aspects of the things we are currently getting wrong. There is so much we could learn from Native American Elders and the fact that most of us don’t even take the time to hear them out is devastating.

The video I came across is titled “Indigenous Native American Prophecy Elders Speak” and it seems a bit out there at the very beginning but the longer you watch the more that begins making sense. Everything just comes together and they go right back to how disconnected we all are in this world currently. We are forgetting to do the things that need to be done.

We have seen an increase in devastating events in more recent times and the prophecy gone over in this video really helps bring a spiritual aspect of that to life. Even if you aren’t a spiritual individual I am sure you can agree that this world needs change and we all need to do something to ensure the next stage we find ourselves in is a positive one.

This lost spiritual connection with nature and Mother Earth herself has caused lots of problems. Read between the lines while watching this video and really take in what is being said. There is so much more to the words you will hear than you might initially think. Break things down and really get to the root of what is being said.

Of course, I am going to put the video below so you can check it out but please if nothing else when you watch come at this video with an open mind. Once you finish it you will be in a better place spiritually. For me. this one really resonated well.

Image via Osho News


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