NASA: “Over 32 Advanced Civilizations Have Collapsed Before Us, and We’re Next In Line”

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Back in the 18th century, France was the greatest superpower in Europe. This caused the French government to act as is they could spend money as if it were nothing although they did have  things like free hospitals, nice monuments, and good welfare programs.

In order to maintain their ‘superpower’ they held many territories overseas and were engaging in almost constant warfare. They however, could not actually pay for any of the things they were doing. The budget deficits in France were overflowing and the country was caused to go into a heavy debt, Sound familiar?

The french economy fell in the end and brought a period of over 26 years of civil war, genocide, and hyperinflation. History itself has many examples of things along these lines happening from the Soviet Union to the Ancient Mesopotamia. It appears societies reach extremely unsustainable levels of consumption and allocation then they ultimately collapse. One research paper recently funded by NASA makes notes on the same points:

“Collapses of even advanced civilizations have occurred many times in the past five thousand years, and they were frequently followed by centuries of population and cultural decline and economic regression.”

Enormous debts, deficits, money printing, and resource depletion  seem to be things our modern day society cannot avoid. History shows that dominant powers in the world are literally always changing. These empires seem to rise just so that they can fall. Our global monetary system is always changing.

As human beings we are good at finding solutions and turning problems into opportunities. While the world itself is not coming to an end another shift in power is inevitable. One small elite group here has control of the money supply and they wield weapons stronger than comprehension and intrusive spy networks. These people can manipulate the wealth of other people and in debt unborn generations.

While as children we are taught that the power lies in the public but chances are you have likely figured out that is one of the biggest lies out here. Voting may change the players but the game is still going in the same direction intended upon by the elite. The system we have today is a 19th-century outline applied to a 21st-century society. You could actually find it funny to consider that it literally takes a whole room full of men to decide how much money should be printed.

It seems at the moment we are in a bind borrowing money in order to pay the interest on money we have already borrowed. What turmoil will we have to endure once the powers of the world make another change? We may soon find out. For a little more information please watch the video below.

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