NASA Admits: Someone Took Control Over Space Probe Voyager 2 and Sent Data in an Unknown Language

By February 2, 2017 Rabbit Hole, Science

While it was descending into the outer reaches of space, the Voyager 2 encountered an unexpected malfunction. For some unexplained reason, the probe began transmitting messages back to NASA in an unintelligible language.

According to NASA’s planetary scientist, Kevin Baines, “Just about 10 billion miles away from the Earth and all of the sudden it starts sending data in the language we don’t understand. It can be called as an alien language”

Apparently, an unknown entity had altered the probe’s communication systems. Continuing, Kevin stated that, “Checking the systems with another data link that they have, they (Voyager 2 team) can tell nothing else is wrong on the spacecraft. It’s just one system”

Baines isn’t the only expert who has speculated on the unintelligible data coming from an alien source. Hartwig Hausdorf, a German academic has stated that he believes that the reason the probe began sending strange messages is because it has been taken over by extraterrestrial life forms.

While the unmanned craft had been sending back messages since it’s voyage began in 1977, for whatever reason on April 22, 2010, that data suddenly changed.

In Hartwig’s own words, “It seems almost as if someone has reprogrammed or hijacked the probe – thus perhaps we do not yet know the whole truth.” “It seems almost as if someone has reprogrammed or hijacked the probe – thus perhaps we do not yet know the whole truth.”

Initially, NASA believed the strange change in data transmissions was caused by a malfunction in the entire craft. But, after further research, they found nothing wrong with the ship, other than one component being changed in the binary code system, where a 0 was changed to a 1. No other signs of a malfunction were present, which led NASA to believe that an unknown entity had temporarily taken control of the spacecraft.

In order to correct the error, it took NASA’s team three weeks. NASA’s official story now states that they have no idea who or what may have taken control over the Voyager 2. Furthermore, they are unsure of what the message said, or what it could even mean. Despite NASA taking that stance, Hartwig continues to maintain his belief is that the ship was taken over be extraterrestrials.

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