N.R.A. Praising Bernie Sanders Calling Him ‘Spot On’

By March 10, 2016 Politics

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders received praise on Monday from a group that seems to have put him in an awkward position.

The senator got into a dispute with Hillary Clinton during the Democratic presidential debate on Sunday night about whether manufacturers should be held responsible for the actions of people who buy weapons legally and go on to commit crimes. Clinton supports the liability while Sanders disagrees saying it would be the end of the gun industry.

As the debate rolled on Clinton remarked, “That is like the N.R.A. position.” It seems that the lobbying group did agree with Sanders and took to Twitter on Monday to declare his position.


Sanders has been under fire since Sunday’s debate for his votes on gun legislation, with Chief rival Hillary Clinton eagerly highlighting his flip-flops on immunity for gun dealers, among other issues. While in Iowa Sanders got a chance to explain himself. An audience member asked him about his past positions, saying they seemed more Republican. Sanders said the impression was incorrect.

“I have a D-minus voting record from the NRA,” he said. “Does that sound like a tool of the NRA? D-minus.”

The recent praise from the N.R.A. puts Sanders in an awkward position of being viewed as backing the group that most democrats loathe. The Clinton campaign is eating this negative attention up using it as evidence that he is out of touch with Democrats when it comes to gun views.

“While the N.R.A. defends Bernie Sanders it attacks Hillary Clinton. What more do you need to know?” Ian Sams, spokesperson for Hillary Clinton.

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