Mysterious: What Aren’t They Telling Us About Antarctica?

If you haven’t read much from the alternative media in the past few months, you may think of Antarctica as a polar-bear laden region that is seemingly innocent enough. However, the mysterious region may hold a number of unanswered questions that many are ready to know the answer to.

Antarctica is 99.5% covered in ice and has the coldest climate on the planet. Its dry climates have the region classified as a desert, however, there is no chance that you will ever see sand on its surface. Furthermore, Antarctica is quite massive making it the fifth largest continent on the planet. And while I could go on and on with various fun facts regarding the region, why don’t we start delving into the strange events regarding the mystery-shrouded, icy continent?

Back in August of 1946, Operation Highjump was initiated. Many described the operation as an invasion of the South Pole, with one conspiracy theory explaining that the U.S was working to protect the nation against unidentified flying objects.

However, the official story states that the military was looking for mineral deposits as the military was carrying out training exercises. Others reported that U.S bases were being maintained and established. Richard E. Byrd left the operation that included 13 Naval ships, an aircraft carrier, and around 5,000 soldiers.

Unfortunately, as in many other cases, not much information was provided for the operation, despite the fact that it was carried out with haste.

The operation, which followed shortly after World War II caused Byrd to declare that flying objects that “fly from Pole to Pole with incredible speeds,” were the new American threat.

And while this is strange enough as is, moving up to modern times, more specifically, throughout the past year, it becomes all the more clear that something quite strange is taking place in Antarctica. Starting last year with Buzz Aldrin tweeting, “We are all in danger. It is evil itself,” while he visited Antarctica, a number of strange happenings have been reported in the region.

Included in Aldrin’s Twitter post was an image from Google maps depicting a pyramid lying in the middle of the region. Then, merely a few months later, a strange fort was also discovered on Google maps. Of course, it doesn’t end there either. Over the last few decades, random government figures including Bill Clinton and Prince William have traveled to the area under strange circumstances.

A number of theories have emerged from alien visitors being in the region to the lost city of Atlantic lying beneath the ice. However, no official answers have been given. While it would seem obvious that it is the time our questions were answered, as it stands, we can only speculate. What do you think is actually taking place in the South Pole?

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