Mysterious Cards Spread Near Chicago: ‘Something Terrible is Going to Happen on December 31, 2016’

By December 31, 2016 Rabbit Hole, U.S. News

Recently, hundreds of cards warning local residents that ‘something terrible is going to happen’ on December 31, and police are now investigating the occurrence. The bizarre cards were left on random cars in parking lots in Chicago suburbs just this past weekend.

According to the Aurora, Illinois police, they believe that the “vaguely threatening” cards were created by an anti-abortion group that does not pose a threat to the public.

While police continue to urge citizens not to panic, many are concerned about the exact meaning behind the message. Police continue to investigate the anti-abortion angle, among others, and the Aurora police department even issued a statement to their citizens.

“While we’re not certain as to what the meaning behind the messages are, we do not want the community to panic. The incidents do serve as an excellent illustration of everyone’s role in keeping our community safe in that any suspicious behavior, no matter how insignificant it may seem, should be called into 911 immediately. If possible, taking a photograph or video of the suspicious behavior is also recommended as long as doing so would not put someone in immediate danger.”

All of the cards that were discovered included very strange messages. Many of them inferred that some type of doom would be inflicted upon Aurora. While authorities speculate that the threats could only come from anti-abortion groups, many believe that they could have originated from a much more sinister source. Currently, it is completely up in the air as to exactly where the cards originated.

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