Morgan Freeman’s Powerful Short Film Will Forever Change the Way You View the World

By November 26, 2017 Environment, Video

While Morgan Freeman is known for many things, perhaps his most famous attribute is his powerful voice. And in this short, 5-minute film he puts his vivacious voice to good use for the purpose of saving Mother Earth.

Freeman begins by encapturing the epic beauty that is our home planet. With powerful images, Freeman’s strong vocal cords and entrancing music you are taken on a journey that starts at the beginning of time. As he journeys throughout time, he makes his way to present day on planet Earth: a time in which we place luxury over our sanctity, laziness over our fellow man and complacence over true progress.

However, as he moves into the obvious plot, he explains how we have reached a point at which we understand that we are moving into dangerous territory. And according to him, we are in danger. Furthermore, the mass extinctions of the past could become a thing of the present, if we don’t change our ways.

But Freeman poses a solution: a more natural way of life. And while many of us may understand our connection to the rest of the world, he explains that we must take action. However, it isn’t all grim. No, on the contrary, there is hope and for that matter, there is reason to be optimistic. As we have grown to understand the issue at hand, we have begun to make progress towards the right path.

But we aren’t finished yet. As the more we do and accomplish as individuals and then collectively, we will see even more progress made. And one day, when we are asked, “What did we do?” And we will be able to say “We did everything that we could.”

And we don’t really have another option, according to Freeman. Because if we don’t we won’t live to see the future. To conclude, Morgan eloquently explains that we have never been in worse danger. But at the same time, he also levels with his audience by saying that we have never had better ideas to solve them. And Freeman couldn’t be more correct.

While we face a grave danger today that will affect us all…..we have not lost our ability to save ourselves. And that is exactly what he is proposing that we do.

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