Have you ever noticed that you just didn’t quite fit in? Do you feel like this planet isn’t the planet you should be calling home?

The people who are around us all seem so caught up in things that do not matter. They waste time judging the people who care about them and they don’t ever really make the differences they pretend that they do. These people may even be too hard on you because of how you stand out, humanity is evil in that sense. We tend to attack the things and people that we do not quite understand.

If you identify with the following things you are too unique for this world. You are someone who should be respected but somehow falls through the cracks. Do not forget your worth.

9 Signs Your Personality is Too Unique For The Rest of This World:

1. You don’t like small talk.

You only like to talk about things that mean something to you. If the conversation doesn’t get deep you are not interested in it. You are not someone who worries about things that are not going to make a difference in your life. “How about this weather?”, is something that will never leave your mouth.

2. You are the black sheep of your family.

You just don’t quite fit in. You are different from those around you. While you may have found some people like you in your friends you are still out of place.

3. You are often called ‘too sensitive.’

Lots of people consider you to be a ‘crybaby’ or ‘too sensitive’ because you are affected by things that they aren’t. Even seeing sad things on television can bring you to tears. You feel things other people do not.

4. You don’t care whether people notice you or not.

You are not someone who goes around seeking attention. You are who you are unapologetically. You will not change for anyone and you don’t care whether people are paying attention or passing you by.

5. You cannot stand ignorance.

You get heated pretty quick when it comes to dealing with ignorant people. That being said, you also know to walk away when the conversation gets to a specific point. If you do not know anything about something, you will not speak about it.

6. You love helping people.

You are always helping other people. You get a satisfaction through being there for people who need you. You are without a doubt not materialistic at all.

7. You look at people’s actions more than others.

You know that actions speak louder than words. This is something tons of people struggle to realize. You do not focus on what someone says they will do, you focus on what they actually do.

8. Your happiness comes from within.

You do not look for happiness in other people. Your happiness comes from inside of you. You are able to achieve greatness through this.

9. You feel out of place.

You never feel like you truly belong. No matter how hard you try or how far travel you are still not where you think you should be. Chronic wanderlust is something you have to cope with in your own way.

If you are someone who is far too unique for this world know that you have a deeper purpose. Whether people like you or not you are going to do wonderful things. Be true to who you are.

Featured image via Mind Vs. Brain

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