Mercury is going to be retrograding very soon as its set to begin on the 18th of this month (June). With that, we should all be experiencing interesting and perhaps seemingly uncomfortable energies.

Now, this retrograde brings something different for each of us, and well, some of us might need to be more on the lookout than others. That having been said, this retrograde unlike most Mercury retrogrades will be quite positive. Below I am going to go over what each sign should be aware of moving forth as this retrograde begins and how to make the most of the energies it brings. 


As time begins to pass this retrograde is going to bring out your wise side. You’re seeing the things around you as they are whether other people can or not. you might be onto something big but sharing that with the world could cost you, don’t let your tongue get ahead of your brain. 


This retrograde for you is all about deep thought. Take your time to really re-assess where you are in life and perhaps even in love. Maybe you’re in need of change and maybe that change is closer than you realize.


Mercury retrograde for you isn’t going to be too intense. While normally you get the worst of it, this time around you’re not going to feel much difference. Just see where these energies take you but stop trying so hard to make them out to be something they’re not. They are in no way the reason behind your failures.


As this retrograde unfolds you’re going to be feeling more emotional but hey, what else is new. You’re going to be facing a crossroad and the path you choose could change things drastically. I know you’re confused and that things feel rough right now but keep your own well-being in mind moving forward, that should make things much easier on you.


As this retrograde kicks off you may find yourself wanting to be out of the spotlight for a bit and there is nothing wrong with that. Take a break and let someone else lead the way for a bit. Everyone needs a bit of time to themselves here and there, you’re only human.


As a Virgo, you’re feeling pretty intense already. These energies are going to bring forth a bit of bad luck for you but it’s more or less something positive in disguise. Don’t sell yourself short, you are capable of more than you realize. Be cautious as you continue on but don’t close yourself off. 


You’re always confused when things like this come up but this time around you’re going to be seeing people around you more clearly. Those who get on your nerves are going to be making it clear why you should be cutting ties with them. Stop giving power to people who do nothing but steer you wrong.


Mercury’s retrograde is going to do a lot of good for you in your life. you’re going to be taking a step back and really looking at things as they are. As you move forth you’re going to face a lot of confusion but things will begin to clear up as time passes. Detach a bit and let things play out as they do, don’t push things in any specific direction.


Right now you’re stuck making some mistakes you don’t feel you can recover from but it’s not too late. Take your time and figure out what needs to happen next. Even when you feel most stuck, there is always a way out. I know, you’re going to be a bit confused and very stressed but you can do this, have faith in yourself.


This retrograde isn’t going to be as positive for you as it may be for everyone else. While you’re going to benefit from it, you’re also going to be feeling a bit broken down inside for some of it. There is something being hidden from you and that something is about to come into the light. Just remember to react properly and don’t lash out before you get the facts straight. 


I know, you’re already pretty on edge but this retrograde might allow you to challenge yourself more than you might be expecting. You’re about to figure out where you’re headed and come to terms with things you’ve been trying to ignore. Don’t rush, take things one day at a time. 


This retrograde for you is going to feel like a serious slap in the face. Everything you’ve been working toward is going to be coming undone before your eyes. While you have a lot to be thankful for, you might not be able to see that while this retrograde is underway. Let your passions out and try to take your time as you move during this ordeal.

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