Known as the ‘Planet of Communication’, Mercury has the ability to impact our thinking, self-expression, and ability to communicate with one another in a major way. When this planet shifts into retrograde movement, what impact does this perceived change in movement have on the planet’s energy, and how will this influence our lives?

The planet Mercury holds an important role in our lives, as much of what we do requires communication and the ability to express our thoughts for those around us. Its location in the zodiac at any given moment can have an influence over our ability to find the right words, the clarity of our communication with others, the confidence we have in our ability to express ourselves, and our own individual thought processes and rationalization. This powerful planet can even impact the technology that we use for communication including computers and smartphone technology.

However, approximately 3 to 4 times every year this planet makes a shift into what we call retrograde movement. For those of us here on Earth, planetary retrograde refers to a point in time in which it appears a planet is actually moving backward through the sky. Despite how it appears if you are looking through your telescope at home, the planet isn’t actually moving backward. This is an illusion created by the movement of Mercury (or any other planet for this matter) in comparison to the movement of the planet Earth. While the actual backward movement is an illusion, astrologists will tell you that the impact it has on the planetary energy is anything but!

Mercury will shift into retrograde movement on July 26th, where it will remain until August 19th. It is important to understand the impact this will have on our daily lives so that we can prepare ourselves adequately for the potential challenges that this time will bring. Mercury retrograde is known as a time of confusion and miscommunication, often leading to difficulty in our relationships including both the close, personal connection with our friends and family, as well as our professional relationships with co-workers, clients and the leadership that we work under.

The first impact many people will notice when it comes to Mercury retrograde is the struggle to make sense of your own thoughts. Situations that were once met with clarity and understanding are now muddled and confusing as if someone has thrown all of your thoughts into a blender. During this time, you will struggle to make sense of your emotions, thoughts, and logic, all of which play an important role in helping you to determine how to react to any given situation. This may lead to poor choices, rash decisions and any number of errors. If you can put off making any big decisions, it is highly recommended. After all, this time is incredibly short-lived, and your skills of rational thought and consideration will return to normal as Mercury shifts back into regular movement once again.

Consider the impact that this movement has on the lines of communication, both for yourself as well as for those around you. Even the most well-spoken and eloquent individuals among us will struggle to find the right words. With this retrograde movement occurring in the bold, confident and fiery sign of Leo, this is sure to lead to frustration and anger over the breakdown of communication between you and others. Try not to allow yourself to lash out, despite your first instincts. Instead, take a deep breath and consider, for a moment, that you aren’t the only one struggling with this influence in your life.

If someone appears upset or frustrated with you, appearing as though they are trying to attack your or pick a fight, try to remember that they, too, are struggling with the anger that Mercury retrograde in Leo can stir deep within ourselves. This extra consideration for the struggles of those around you may make all the difference, helping you to avoid allowing important and meaningful relationships to be torn apart by meaningless disagreements and arguing.

Finally, as with any Mercury retrograde, prepare yourself for some serious struggles with the various electronic and communication devices in your life. Computers will crash, smartphones will fail to connect, and messages will fail to send. If you need to make any major electronic purchases, hold off until after the retrograde has passed, or you are sure to deal with difficulties, breakdowns, and glitches moving forward with the device of choice. If you are experiencing trouble with your devices, don’t throw them aside just yet. Wait until after Mercury returns to it’s regular movement to determine whether the device is really failing you, or if it is just the retrograde causing a disturbance.

While Mercury retrograde has the ability to turn your life completely upside down during it’s short, yet powerful influence, it doesn’t have to leave you picking up the pieces. Prepare yourself for the confusion, practice patience and delay any significant conversations, major presentations or big decisions if possible. Careful planning can get you through this unscathed!

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