Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus Are All In Scorpio – Get Ready For The Darkness

By October 13, 2018 Astrology

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all currently in Scorpio and that is going to have the air around all of us very thick. Chances are you’ve been feeling very dark and out of place here lately and there is a reason why.

Venus has been in Scorpio for a good while now and is very passionate for a number of reasons. Scorpio is a very extreme sign and brings forth a very all or nothing mindset. Because it is the sign of transformation and works to connect us all in ways that we otherwise would not be able to. While Venus is in Scorpio we will be gaining a better understanding of the things around us. That being said, because Venus is currently retrograding in Scorpio, not all that comes from this will be positive.

We will be finding ourselves pushing backward instead of striving forward. You might become quite emotional and allow the negative side of things to take hold on your being. If you want to make it through this you need to try and remain as grounded as possible.

Now, Mercury and Jupiter are both also in Scorpio which means drama and serious reality checks are before us. Mercury made its way into Scorpio on October 8th and because of this you are most likely being much more critical of those in your life. You will be digging for truth and finding a lot of bullshit along the way.

Jupiter is going to be pushing you overboard if you allow it to and because of that you need to really try and think things through. Don’t act without weighing things out before. Slowing down and seeing where you end up during this time is crucial.

These energies combined can produce a lot of confusion within our lives and we need to be aware of that. If you are feeling restricted or confused this is why. Sure, there are other things going on in the celestial world but these are well worth noting.

Scorpio is not a fun force to face but when it comes in contact with several planets at once you can expect a lot of tension. That being said you will come out of this being able to truly appreciate the people who are genuine and truthful in your life. You might be out of it for a little while but things will get back to normal in time. For more information on what to expect this month please feel free to check out the video below.

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