Mercury is now in Cancer and with that, we’re going to begin seeing some changes. Because Mercury rules over communication and other things of the sort, it tends to hold quite a grip on our lives.

Officially Mercury moved into Cancer on the 28th/29th of this month (May) and while this planet doesn’t usually stay in any one sign for long it will remain in Cancer for quite some time. We will not be seeing it move out of Cancer until roughly August which means we’re going to be facing a Cancer Mercury retrograde which will make us emotional but also bring out the best in us. 

During the time that this planet is present in this sign, we will all be a bit on edge and more tuned into our romantic lives. We will see what those who matter to us the most truly want and work to strengthen the bonds we have with the people we love the most. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? While we will be facing ups and downs during this situation overall it will allow us to get through things we otherwise would ignore which means we’re going to be growing tremendously. 

Cafe Astrology wrote as follows for when Mercury is in Cancer:

When Mercury is in Cancer, we move from the desire for quantity to the need for quality in terms of the information we are attracted to. We think, speak, and take in information on a deeper, more instinctive level now. We have less interest in what is universal, and more interest in what affects us personally and what affects the people around us. Our thoughts are colored by our emotions, so it is more challenging to be objective.

I know, to some that might not sound like a lot but for most of us, it is exactly what we need. We are going to be working harder to let things sink in properly and see things as they are rather than as we want to see them. This is a process for all of us to benefit from. 

Sure, things might get a bit weird but we’re headed for growth and that’s never a bad thing. Buckle in and grab your tissues we’re in for a bumpy ride and a good cry. Are you ready?

As things begin to get more intense during this period please do your best to let out the emotions you would normally bottle inside. The more you bottle the worse you will feel. If you want to be happy, you’ve got to let yourself get through the good and the bad properly.

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