Mercury in Aries And the March Mercury Retrograde May Have You Feeling A Bit Impulsive

By March 7, 2018 Astrology

Named after Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, the energy commonly associated with the planet Mercury centers around communication and self-expression. By determining the local of Mercury in the astrological chart we are able to determine the areas in which we are most empowered to obtain and process information, as well as what topics we are best able to convey to others. This doesn’t mean that we are unable to communicate in other areas of our lives, merely that these are heightened and strengthened by this energy.

Throughout March 2018 Mercury will be in Aries, creating an impulsive and unstoppable energy. During this time, we are more likely than ever to act without thinking, which could get us into a great deal of trouble. The fiery sign of Aries is one of action, determination, and confidence, however, this confidence often comes from total disregard of the potential challenges or repercussions associated with their actions.


For this reason, it is important to force yourself to step back and think before making any decisions. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t take advantage of this boost in confidence, just be strategic about it. Have you been considering contact that crush, or asking your boss for a promotion? Take some time to think through and plan out what you are going to say to avoid any potential errors in communication, and then go for it! There is no time better than now to put your foot forward and say the things that you have been afraid to say.

You will also notice that your mind is clear and functioning at a faster rate than you are likely used to at this time. The energy of Mercury doesn’t restrict its influence to our communication with others, it also improves our communication within our own mind. This will improve your ability to work through otherwise challenging problems and make decisions that you may have struggled with feeling unprepared to make.

On March 19th Mercury is conjunct Venus, which will introduce the beautiful and loving energy off Venus into this equation. This is going to specifically boost the area of creative communication, connecting you with your thoughts and emotions in a new and empowering way. If you have to plan a presentation or major business meeting during the month, this is the day to do it, as the combination of improved communication and heightened creativity will optimize your abilities as a presenter. If you work in the arts, such as a writer, illustrator, painter, dancer or musician, don’t allow this powerful day to pass you by!

The month will end with Mercury retrograde, starting on March 22nd and continuing until April 15th. You want to ensure that any major communication for the month is out of the way prior to this time, as Mercury retrograde is largely known for being a time of miscommunication and confusion. With this occurring in Aries, these communication breakdowns are going to be big and bold, causing arguments, hurt feelings, distrust, and disagreements. Tread lightly, avoid any sensitive subjects and try to stay focused on the positive side of every situation. Remember, everyone that you meet is also struggling with these confusing energies.

Image via Ruby’s Readings

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