On May 14th Mercury left Aries, moving into Taurus where it will remain until May 29th.

The planet Mercury is said to rule over the energy in our lives responsible for communication, self-talk, logic, reasoning skills and our thought processes. It can make or break our ability to effectively express our thoughts and opinions, throw a wrench in our ability to make plans with others and hinder our critical thinking and problem-solving skills, limiting our ability to solve any challenging situations that may be thrown our way.

One could argue that this would be a significant change in all areas of our lives, and they would be true, but there is one area that is going to get hit particularly hard with the shift in energy, and that is our relationships. Communication is a necessary building block in the foundation of any healthy, lasting relationship. This includes family connections, friendships, working relationships with our co-workers, and, most importantly, our romantic relationships.

As Mercury moves into the stable, reliable and practical sign of Taurus it will bring a grounded and realistic influence to our thoughts, plans and actions. Wild, crazy thoughts that came into fruition during its time in Aries will now be transformed into solid, workable plans, plans that you will feel inclined to put immediately into action in order to propel your life forward. Taurus doesn’t just consider making a change, this hardworking and stubborn sign will encourage you to take the steps necessary to make a difference in your life. It will help you to communicate your thoughts clearly, concisely and with conviction. Interested in how this influence will impact your love life specifically?

Taurus is stubborn and focused, and this can often create a sense of tunnel vision. Look at the area of your love life that currently is requiring the most of your attention. Are you still trying to meet someone special? Are you currently in a relationship that has stagnated, losing its excitement? You will suddenly find yourself hyper-focused on making this happen.

For example, for those that are still looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, you will double down on your efforts to get out there and meet available singles. Is there a singles event happening in your area? Previously you may have shied away from even considering something like this, but now you see it as the perfect opportunity to meet a large number of people with minimal time and effort. You may even find yourself signing up for popular dating sites, furthering your efforts to put yourself out there. There is no need for plans with friends and family, all of your energy is going into your search for that special someone!

If you are trying to add a little spice into an existing relationship, this will quickly become an obsession. Try not to lose sight of what makes you ‘you’ in your effort to add a little excitement, after all your partner fell in love with you, not with some creation of who you could be. Allow yourself to start small despite the temptation to jump in with both feet.

If you have been holding off on having a serious conversation with your partner, this is a great time to finally make that happen. From discussing your future life plans to whether or not you want children (and when you see that fitting into your life), there is no point in time that your words will be more clear, concise and direct. Take advantage of this. For this short window of time, you will be a skilled communicator, so it’s the perfect time to get these otherwise difficult and uncomfortable conversations out of the way.

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