Depression is something tons of people experience. It is easily the most common mental illness there is and affects about 350 million people worldwide.

Depression is a very serious mood disorder, there are different forms of depression but they all do seem to have similar symptoms. Signs of depression can include things like numbness, empty mood, irritability, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, chronic pain, and loss of interest. Some people experience all of these things and others just some of them.

No one’s depression is exactly the same as the next person’s. Everyone is different and we all experience things in different ways. That being said, every single person I have ever spoken with who suffers from or has dealt with depression in general mentions being exhausted. Depression makes you feel tired beyond anything you have ever felt before.

Mental health advocate @PJ_Palits decided to bring some awareness to this and somehow managed to come up with the best way to explain this. He posted a very long thread on Twitter that has since gone viral. She goes over several things that go along with the fatigue and explains it in one of the best ways I have seen thus far.

She mentions that some people with depression have trouble sleeping and so they are unable to get the relief they need. This is too real. She covers just about everything and I don’t think I could have said it better myself. Take a look below at her thread.

Thank you @PJ_Palits for that thought-provoking and empowering thread. Mental illness is real, whether you can see someone’s pain or not. What do you think about what she wrote?

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