There is a new moon coming up on the 15th of this month and it is going to be located at 24 degrees Taurus. Due to this, we can expect quite a bit of positive energy coming our way.

As you most likely know, the new moon always represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. It is the birth of something amazing and with that comes a lot of healing energy. Now, because of the fixed start Algol that will be influencing this new moon, some people will be affected by violence or serious events but most people will be facing an increase in empathy.

This new moon is going to be a good start for a lot of us. It is going to set us out on new adventures and really give us all some much-needed hope. During this time you should take advantage of any social possibilities that present themselves. The energy of Taurus itself will, of course, be affecting the energy of this full moon as well but not in the ways you would assume.

Taurus is a sign that really related to money in a strong sense. It will be creating a wonderful atmosphere for advancing financially if you choose to use it properly. We will be gaining a very intense surge of energy during this new moon that will bring forth an assertive side of ourselves we do not often see. Use your ambition and really put your efforts into something that matters.

The effects of this new moon will be affecting you for several weeks so don’t worry too much about forcing everything too quickly. Plant the seed of thought where it needs to be and watch it grow.

Image via Kelly Rosano

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