Humanity has been responsible for some pretty strange things, however, this may very well take the cake.  Could you imagine if alien life really did come across this in space?

Of course, there are many great wonders that can be seen from space, and this, unfortunately, is one of them. While people have been drawing penises on plenty of things for quite some time, this one has been making headlines since it was noticed.

This penis drawing is in Australia and is being referred to as the ‘Aussie Weiner.’ You can even see it on Google Maps. These kinds of aerially-visible creations are known as geoglyphs and cannot be seen when just walking past or so forth, if you weren’t above them you would never know they existed. I’m sure when you think of man-made things that can be seen from space giant dicks would not normally come to mind but, to each their own.

Google Maps


This penis is etched into a dry lake bed just outside the town of Geelong which is relatively close to Melbourne. You can tell this huge member most likely took a while to make so whoever created it definitely put a lot of their time and energy into it. What once was an overlooked dirt pit is now one of the most viewed places on Google maps at the moment. If you look close enough you can even see that it appears to have what was meant to be ‘cum drops’ shooting out of it.

Creativity at it’s finest? With plenty of lake bed left who knows what might end up popping up in the area later down the line. The group known as ‘Take The Piss Geelong’ was first to post about this massive member and from there it went viral.

They posted as follows:

“If the legend who did this can inbox us with any form of proof, that’d be awesome.”

“We have a beer with your name on it.”

I guess no matter who you are, this is something that we can all chuckle about. What do you think about this huge dong? This isn’t the first penis to be seen from space and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

(Image Via: Google Maps)

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