Mars is about to come out of retrograde, and we could not be happier! It has been retrograding for a couple months now and will not be going retrograde again for quite some time.

Mars will go direct on August 27th and with that, it will feel as if you are an onion peeled down to the very inside layers. You will feel vulnerable and open to the world. For the past few weeks, Mars has been peeling back those layers one by one and really bringing you to the core of who you are. This so that as the other planets begin to come out of retrograde as well, you can move forward towards success.

You see, when Mars is in retrograde we are all asked to re-assess our lives and how we go about things. We are forced to become more assertive and more intense. Because Mars is going direct soon, these energies are dying down and Mars is beginning to work properly and function as normal. That brings us to a place of rough and stressful emotions that need to be worked through quickly. You should be feeling as if some kind of message is being put forth for you to find, find that message.

Mars will reveal something important to each and every one of us. Any projects you’ve been working on will really begin to take off and while you will be vulnerable you will also be stronger. You will be finding inspiration in even the most unexpected places. Regardless of your sign you should be looking forward to Mars going direct. This is going to put you exactly where you need to be.

Spend some time thinking over where you feel you should be going from here. The universe has a lot coming your way and you need to be prepared. Find yourself and then find your way. To learn more about what might be in store for you check out the video below.

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