As you may know already, this coming month will have two full moons. The first of which is in Virgo, and you better get ready because it is coming in STRONG.

This full moon is going to be the release point of a lot of pent up things. As you know, the month of February was of the black moon meaning there was no full moon. The next full moon is within just a few days on the night of March 1st. It also happens to fall in the earth Sign of Virgo and because of that, it will help us on our spiritual journey more than most people care to realize.

This moon will be at 11 degrees and as you are most likely aware, 11 is a master number in numerology. This number will help bring about a higher consciousness for us all and work to open portals into new realms. I know, it sounds too good to be true but it is not. You can benefit greatly from the full moon to come. This full moon is what we call a worm moon which I feel is appropriate since it is allowing us to wiggle our way into something special.

The closer it gets the more power you will feel radiating from everything around you. Full moon energy can be a bit tricky to work with, but once you begin letting it do its thing and protect your own aura everything will fall into place. You do not have to be as guarded as you would normally be, the full moon does not often bring anything negative to us unless it is something we must experience in order to move forward.

Because of the power of Virgo, this full moon is going to be helping us make tons of decisions so if you have been putting things off soon will be the time to address them. You will find the confidence to move on and everything will come naturally. Do not be afraid, digesting these energies will benefit you in more ways that you know.

Take responsibility for your actions and own up to your mistakes. Draw on patience and allow things to flow as they should. During this time you should be detoxifying your body and your soul. You will feel conflicted between your wants and needs, but if you stay on track everything will go over just fine.

Your relationships may become tense but that will all shift away once the full moon energy has left us. You may be feeling anxious right now but there is a reason for that. Ground yourself and as always practice some white light meditation. These things are the best ways to protect your aura and maintain your own personal energy through any astronomical event.

Do your best to accept the things coming your way with open arms. Be as positive as you can be, and let go of your ego, selfishness, unhappiness, and stop being unreasonable. Make positive changes while you can. Do not let the bad side of life bring you down. You have nowhere to go but up, use this full moon to get out of that rut you have been stuck in. Life is beautiful, remind yourself of that even on your darkest days.

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