Could you imagine waking up in the morgue? I for one would be traumatized for life!

A 29-year-old prisoner by the name of Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez was found unresponsive in his cell during a morning roll call and had been transferred to a hospital mortuary, literally in a body bag. Spanish prison authorities were not expecting what happened next. This man was declared dead by three different doctors before he finally woke up in the morgue.

Jimenez was serving time for robbery in Asturias Central Penitentiary in North-West Spain. He was first seen by two doctors at the prison who just so happened to be on duty and then inspected hours later by a forensic doctor. This meaning he was reported dead and verified as so on three separate occasions. Yet, hours before his autopsy was set to begin, pathologists realized they were hearing something strange from within his body bag: snoring.

EL Spanol reported as follows on the matter:

The body of prisoner Montoya was sent in a closed bag to the Institute of Legal Medicine to perform an autopsy. While from the prison they were in charge of contacting the relatives of the supposed deceased to communicate the news, the body arrived at the place where the autopsy would be done.

The surprise -mayúscula- arrived when forensic doctors [the pathologists] began to hear noises coming from inside the bag. Montoya was not dead. Quite the opposite.

The forensics [pathologists] proceeded to open the bag and found the inmate still alive. Thus, the inmate was transferred to the Central University Hospital of Asturias in an ambulance, reports La Voz de Asturias.

At the end of the day last Sunday, Montoya was still admitted and escorted by Civil Guard agents. On the eve of the event, the day of Kings, the prisoner was indisposed. As the local press advances, an investigation has been opened to clarify the causes surrounding the ‘resurrection’ of Montoya.

There is an investigation underway over this as the lucky man did, in fact, manage to come to before going under the knife. A spokesman for the hospital he is currently staying at has confirmed that he is in intensive care at this point but was not able to comment on his condition. Relatives have been visiting him during his hospital stay and are feeling quite odd about the whole ordeal. In time we will know whether proper procedures were followed or not. What do you think about all of this?


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