On October 26th of this year, the Sun will be meeting Jupiter once again. If you don’t know what this holds, you need to keep reading.

When Jupiter meets the Sun an energy expansion occurs. This brings with it many positive things. As you may know, Jupiter is all about abundance which means if you have been in need, the Universe will deliver soon. You will have more than enough of what you truly need in this life in the near future. Everything Jupiter touches fills with reward.

Jupiter will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and who we are. The Sun gives life and when so close to Jupiter it will be more than capable of replenishing our inner lights. This energy is something you might already feel rising as both are in Scorpio. Scorpio intensifies the energy of this whole ordeal allowing it to pack a quite powerful punch.

During this time we will be able to learn a lot in regards to personal development and our minds will become more open. This energy is going to remain with us for quite some time. You will be feeling it well into the months to come.

Whether you happen to read this before, during, or after the 26th know that there is nothing to fear in regards to this energy. Nothing negative will come from it. Jupiter is sending out a message, one we need to respond to. Are you willing to transform your soul? Do you want to become your truest self?

Jupiter partnered with the Sun and amplified by Scorpio can and will force you to do just that. Whether you think you are ready or not it is well under-way. Do not fight this, struggling with the Universe will only leave you drained and still making the change.

Whatever is meant to be will be. Please do your best to work hard and utilize this positive energy. Focus on all the small things but remember the big picture. Remember what you are grateful for and all of the people you look up to. Allow the Sun to help your garden blossom into something truly amazing.

Send your deepest wishes to the Universe and make your needs known. You will get what you deserve. Do not devalue yourself, Jupiter and the Sun know when and where to provide. While these effects will be felt the strongest on the 26th as I mentioned above this energy will linger. It will become one with the energy we have been feeling already and for some, this can be a bit overwhelming. If you need a break, take one.

Do not let yourself waste away for fear of relaxing. Sometimes when things are more than we can handle a mere day off can save so much trouble. Give yourself the best and aim high. This energy is going to blow you away; this could be the luckiest day of your life!

(Image Via: Pixabay)

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