When you find yourself truly in love you will learn that it is more than just being with someone. Love is helping another person grow while they do the same for you, it’s being there through all the things this world throws your way. 

While remaining by the side of your partner might not always be easy, when love is truly present doing-so will never be optional. You will always want to help one another and you will never consider abandoning this person. Sure, at first it might not have seemed like this person was going to be so important but now, you’re head over heels.

Love is a little different for everyone but overall, it’s quite a magical thing to experience. If you’re in love chances are you’re moving through the stages of a proper relationship and working to become the best version of yourself that you can be. As time passes, you and your partner, if actually in love will grow together through the things you face instead of growing apart.

6 Stages Of True Love:

Stage 1 – Getting To Know One Another

When you first find someone that you think you fancy you’re going to want to get to know one another. This could last a mere few months or be well into years, that depends on the people. Getting to know the person you’re interested in is a very important thing. Diving in without some kind of awareness won’t do you any good.

Stage 2 – Meshing Your Lives Together

Once you’ve gotten to know one another you will begin meshing your lives together. You might move into the same house and begin sharing more things or you might find ways to go on vacations before all of the other stuff. At this point, you’re both all over one another and very much obsessed within reason.

Stage 3 – Falling Harder 

The longer you stay together the harder you will fall. Because you’re both finally meshing your lives with one another you’re growing closer. You’re coming to really understand one another on a real level.

Stage 4 – Embracing Life Itself

Now that things are settled you’re living life together comfortably. This is the point where people either get bored and jump ship or remain present and stick it out. Not everyone is meant for love and that much I know is true.

Stage 5 – Growth Occurs

If you and your partner remain together you will find that growth is unavoidable. You grow together through the things you experience in this world. Instead of being held back, you are able to see one another properly.

Stage 6 – The Future Becomes Your Present

After you and your partner begin growing together and whether some of this world’s storms the future becomes your present. While there will be some bumpy moments here and there, you have a lot worked out together. You’re both on your way to something amazing.

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