None of us ever want to endure heartbreak, but we all have and we all will many times. Heartbreak is just a part of reality that we all have to learn to accept.

Heartbreak does not have to be in regards to a romantic relationship, heartbreak happens in all kinds of ways and for all kinds of reasons. Yes, it can be painful but the truth is, relief will come from the most unexpected places.

When heartbreak occurs, it can feel as if we have truly been abandoned by love in general and we do not understand it. Heartbreak gives you time to reflect and room to grow. There is a reason for everything that has happened, there is a cause and condition regardless if you have noticed it yet or not.

Love is not a ‘safe’ practice but it is one we must partake in. When you try to make love safe, it is no longer love. Letting go is painful sometimes but it is necessary when it comes to improving yourself. If something or someone is damaging you they do not deserve a place in your life.

Heartbreak keeps us honest. It reminds us that we are mere human beings in all of this. Heartbreak truly brings us down to Earth when we are up in the clouds. Some may see this as a bad thing but honestly, it is not. It allows us to feel ourselves at our core. Heartbreak produces more in the long-run than it takes away.

“True love is born from understanding.” 
― Gautama Buddha

Heartbreak is a reminder to get back out there and live. It is a sign that we need to become more of what we are and less of what we are not. As human beings, we often hold onto things and people for far too long. We must sit with our pain and allow these feelings to just flow away. We must learn to live through and heal.

“Darkness has its own beauty that you can only see with your inner light.” 
― Debasish Mridha

If you wallow in your pain you will get nowhere. This ends up making the heartbreak so much worse. Don’t make your pain more than it has to be. A broken heart is an opportunity.

(Image Via: Elephant Journal)

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