We all have good and bad days moving forth in life and some of those bad days are enough to weigh us down. When she is struggling, you need to remind her that above all else you will be there to help her through whatever she is facing.

She might be emotional, stressed, and come across as a wreck from time to time, but she is trying hard to get everything she can done and provide enough for the both of you to move forward with. Sure, you’re both working together, but she feels like she has to take on more than anyone else because of how determined her soul is. She doesn’t cling to you because she’s needy, she clings to you because you are her home. The more understanding and caring you are the more you will allow her to flourish in this life.

If you water a flower properly, it will blossom into something marvelous and that is something you should never forget. She is going to have problems and sometimes you are both going to argue to the point where calling it quits crosses your mind but loving one another through it is going to bring forth the changes that you both need. Love her even though she has her crazy moments and love her whether she’s being a little too clumsy or not.

She might not come out and say it, but she is going to be there for you through all of the things this life throws at you and while she might be down and out from time to time she always holds out hope that in time things will be as you have both always dreamed they would. She might get emotional or lash out over things that you don’t think really matter, but she cares for you like no one else and losing her would crush you in more ways than you realize.

Be patient, kind, and caring with her as time passes. The more you both grow together the easier this will become. Just because you’re facing a rough patch right now does not mean that the hard times will last forever. Once everything is said and done, she will be there by your side before anyone else and for as long as you’d like.

“Love is made up of three unconditional properties in equal measure:

1. Acceptance
2. Understanding
3. Appreciation

Remove any one of the three and the triangle falls apart.

Which, by the way, is something highly inadvisable. Think about it — do you really want to live in a world of only two dimensions?

So, for the love of a triangle, please keep love whole.”
― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Not everyone gets a chance to find a love like what you have and you need to be sure you’re not taking it for granted. If you don’t make sure she knows you appreciate her, she might jump ship herself. Be gentle and prove to her that you’re with her for the right reasons.

Love isn’t ever going to be cut and dry. You will have ups and downs. Just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean you need to stop making your emotions known. The more you keep the things written above in mind the more positive your relationship will become.

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