Child predator Christian Marie made news in October when he was arrested in connection to a global pedophilia ring. Sentenced to 40 years in prison, the man was killed in a prison beating, a fate that one of the man’s victims had predicted in court.

A total of 9 men were connected to the sex ring, luring more than 100 victims over the internet in a 5-year period of time. The men would log onto the internet posing as teenage boys in order to gain the trust of young girls around the world. It was found that they often targeted those who were struggling with mental health problems or suicidal tendencies, not only exposing these challenges for their own benefit convincing the girls to strip down and perform sex acts on camera. The youngest victim reported was just 10 years old.

“No age was too young. No conduct too depraved. No victim too vulnerable for Marie,” described Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Mulcahy in the sentencing documents that he filed. “Potential offenders who think about doing what this group did, which has left permanent scars on so many young girls, should know that if they are caught, they will likely spend the rest of their lives in prison.”

While the man was sentenced to 40 years, he was less than a month into his prison sentence. The incident fulfilled the predictions of one of the man’s 20-year-old victims who reportedly told The Detroit News, “That’s basically life, and he’s gonna get the hell beat out of him” following his sentencing last month.

Marie was being held at the Milan detention center which is located approximately 50 miles southwest of Detroit when an altercation broke out. While details weren’t originally released about what exactly occurred, The Detroit News reported that one source familiar to the homicide investigation reported that at least one of Marie’s attackers was armed with a shiv, or homemade knife during the attack. Marie was taken to a nearby unnamed hospital where he died from his injuries.

Three other inmates were reported to have received serious injuries, although none considered to be life-threatening. Two staff members also received minor injuries while working to break up the fight. The prison was placed on ‘limited operational status’ while the Federal Bureau of Prisons investigated.

Media sources are reporting that 5 other members of the ring are also currently being held at the Milan detention center. Concerns regarding their safety have come to light following the attack.

Feature Image Source: Bill Pugliano | Getty Images and The Detroit News

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