Sure, we all know Venus as the sister planet to our own but most of us have never thought of other planets as having much to do with different countries here on Earth, right? Well, apparently it seems now because they were the ‘first and only’ to successfully land on Venus the RSA considers Venus a ‘Russian Planet.’ 

This in itself is kind of a silly idea as well, nothing in space aside from satellites and technology actually belong to any one country. Sure, you can think of things however you want but at the end of the day laying claim to a planet or something else of that sort just doesn’t make much sense at all. That being said, it seems Dmitry Rogozin who is the director-general of Russian space corporation Roscosmos believes Venus is a ‘Russian Planet’ and has even in recent times revealed that the country has plans to send their own mission to Venus. 

Fox News reported as follows on all of this:

Dmitry Rogozin, the director-general of Russian space agency Roscosmos, said the second planet from the sun is a “Russian planet” as the former Soviet Union landed a probe on Venus decades ago.

“Our country [the Soviet Union] was the first and only one to successfully land on Venus,” Rogozin said in an interview with The Times. “The spacecraft gathered information about the planet — it is like hell over there.”

“We believe that Venus is a Russian planet,” he added.

The Soviet-era Venera program was designed to learn more about the planet Venus, which some researchers believe was habitable in its distant past. The Venera program, which lasted between 1961 and 1984, saw a number of achievements, including a soft landing on the planet on Dec. 15, 1970 (Venera 7), the first of its kind.

The comments from Rogozin come just days after NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said the planet is “one stop in our search for life.”

“Today, we are on the cusp of amazing discoveries that could tell us more about the possibility of life off the Earth,” Bridenstine said in a statement issued last week.

Last week, new research from an international team of astronomers revealed the discovery of a rare molecule, phosphine, in the clouds of Venus. The scientists noted that, on Earth, the gas is only made industrially or by microbes that thrive in oxygen-free environments.

While Russia is working on a joint mission known as Venera-D with the US, they are also working on a separate mission themselves as noted above when it comes to our sister planet. For Russia, it seems ‘resuming Venus exploration’ is on their ‘agenda’ or at least that’s what Rogozin is saying. While Venus is similar to our planet, there are lots of differences and still tons of things we do not yet know about it. 

CNN wrote as follows weighing in on all of this:

Rogozin was addressing reporters at the HeliRussia 2020 exhibition, an international expo of the helicopter industry in Moscow.

“Resuming Venus exploration is on our agenda,” he told reporters Tuesday.

“We think that Venus is a Russian planet, so we shouldn’t lag behind,” he said.

“Projects of Venus missions are included in the united government program of Russia’s space exploration for 2021-2030.”

While progress is being made in regard to Venus, who knows whether or not conflict will come forth as a result in time. But we were once in a great space race and well, perhaps we could find ourselves in another. What do you think about this declaration and do you think it’s possible for any country to truly lay claim to a planet in this manner?

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