As the planets move and shift, they bring about significant changes in our lives. They can promote good luck and success, bring about emotional turmoil, trigger unrest and conflict or encourage deeper and more meaningful relationships.  The more that we learn about these planetary shifts and the changes they will bring, the better we can work to prepare ourselves to handle the mental and emotional changes that we are about to experience.

On October 10th, 2017 Jupiter entered Scorpio, a shift that is going to continue for a significant period of time, lasting until November 8th, 2018. The water sign Scorpio is described as both intense and passionate, appealing directly to our innermost desires. A highly emotional sign, the shift we are about to experience will be felt deeply causing major life changes among many of us. While this change cannot be avoided, if prepared for the coming changes we can work to protect ourselves and use this change to our advantage.

The nature of Jupiter is to expand our knowledge and understanding in life, providing us with a time to grow, change and develop. Specifically, Jupiter focuses on the concepts of generosity, growth, abundance and optimism. Combine this with the highly emotional experience of Scorpio and we are facing a time in which we have the opportunity to better understand our feelings and grow on an emotional level.



During this time, you will find that any emotional struggles that you face on a daily basis will be brought to the forefront. For example, if you have difficulty with acknowledging, accepting and identifying your changing feelings you will experience them to a heightened degree forcing you to deal with them. If you are feeling intense, overwhelming feelings try to remember that, like the movement of the waves, your feelings are going to move with the ebb and flow of the water element. You may be experiencing something that is difficult to handle at the moment, but it is not going to last forever.

It is also important to note that another shift is also coming shortly with Saturn entering Capricorn on December 19th, 2017. While Saturn will not remove the emotional element, it will help us to focus our efforts and to remind us of the importance of keeping everything in perspective. Stepping back from our emotional struggles, this will allow us to logically visit the situation, discovering ways to work through our feelings and manage the underlying issues responsible for them. This is also a time to consider the boundaries and limits that we currently have in place, redefining them in order to protect our own emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Remember: There is nothing wrong with establishing boundaries in your life, in fact, doing so is the healthier approach to life.

Be warned: Saturn in Capricorn is known to bring a time of major financial challenges. Don’t believe it? In 1930, when Saturn entered Capricorn in opposition to Pluto and square Uranus it brought about a time of great financial loss, one that would not be forgotten anytime soon. This period of time, along with the shift leading into it, is better known as The Great Depression. If you are going to make any major financial decisions, avoid doing so during this time. It is also recommended that you start organizing your finances now to prepare for potential struggles to come.

Preparing yourself for these significant changes will help you to minimize the potential negative impacts that you may face. Understanding what is to come, when it will arrive, and how it will impact the way that you think and make important decisions will assist in your plans to come out happy and healthy as we move into the next chapter of our lives.

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