As we move through June we all are feeling some pretty interesting energies. The new moon that set us off put us moving forth in the right direction but that is not the only thing happening this month.

There will be a full moon on the 17th of this month and it will be in Sagittarius. This full moon is one of the most intense full moons we will have this year and will hold lots of energies most of us are not quite prepared for. During the time that the energies of this moon will be present, we will be feeling quite shifted and as if pressures in our everyday lives are weighing down on us.

You might find yourself focusing more on the people who matter the most to you and not really taking the time to obsess as much over work or other things of the sort. With several major aspects, this full moon is going to be providing us all with something peculiar. If you’re already feeling kind of ‘out of it’ this full moon and it’s journey forward is probably why.

Astrology King wrote as follows in regards to the things we should be expecting and why:

Saturn conjunct Neptune gives strong faith and self-belief. With patience, you will do things the right way and not take shortcuts. Spiritual wisdom and self-discipline help you sacrifice short-term gratification for long-term success.

You can be optimistic while also understanding your own limitations. This allows you to make your dreams come true with hard work and a sensible, realistic approach.

Jupiter square Neptune can bring disappointment or embarrassment that makes you question yourself and your faith. You may become too optimistic, trusting and generous. Avoid gambling, drugs, gurus, cults and get-rich-quick schemes. Instead, rely on the advice of trusted friends and family.

Thankfully, Saturn conjunct Neptune gives a healthy dose of reality that lowers the risk of delusion and deception. It also helps you channel your inspiration and enthusiasm into hard work to manifest your hopes and dreams.

Mercury conjunct Mars brings focused and acute thinking which can be applied to making your dreams come true. It gives a sense of urgency but aggressive or defensive thinking could lead to arguments, temper tantrums, meanness and verbal abuse. Self-awareness of the buildup of nervous and impulsive energy will lead to more productive outcomes.

If you have no worthy cause to fight for, apply this energy to mental work such as studies or investigations, debates or puzzle solving. Otherwise, you may encounter hostility in others in the form of threats, abuse or intimidation. Choose your battles carefully and think twice before acting.

Mercury opposite Saturn and Mars opposite Saturn brings negativity, bad news, mistakes, inhibition, frustration, and delay. It increases the risk of anger, envy, jealousy, meanness, rejection, verbal and physical abuse, and bullying, This can lead to separations, isolation, poor self-esteem, communication problems, and sadness.

The key to avoiding such negative consequences is to keep yourself busy by working hard on your dreams. This is a marathon, not a sprint. So controlled release of energy through sustained effort is best. Self-discipline, patience and steely determination can lead to satisfying results.

While it might not seem as much of a big deal right now, as the days pass these energies will become far more intense than you could be imagining. The month of June itself has us speaking out and really working to focus on truth and growth. Sure, it might feel a bit odd at first but the more you work at it the more comfortable you will become.

Use the energies of this full moon to be more honest with yourself and aware of the world around you. We are going to be experiencing a lot of things in the weeks to come and what one person crumbles under might not be what brings you down as well. Know your strengths but do not allow anyone to define you by your weaknesses.

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