If you have been looking for the perfect opportunity to achieve all of your wildest goals and dreams, then you don’t want to let July pass you by! A month packed with significant astrological events, each carrying their own important energy, the impact on each of our lives will be significant.

Take the time to learn how to harness this energy for your benefit.

The month started with the activation of the Sirius Gateway, a powerful time of spiritual growth and development. This occurs at the moment when the Earth is furthest from the sun, allowing the energy from the star Sirius to take hold. Lasting only a few days from July 3rd until July 7th, this important shift in energy occurs once a year around the same time. Those who take full advantage of this time will be motivated and empowered to look within, questioning their current spiritual journey and making the necessary, and sometimes difficult, changes to accelerate their efforts towards true awakening.

Don’t worry, if you weren’t aware that it was happening you didn’t completely miss it doesn’t mean that you didn’t benefit from the shift. The energy from Sirius impacted everyone in some way shape or form, it just may have been subtle. Look back on any changes that occurred during that time of the month and consider their potential impact on your life long-term. You may be surprised! Discovering these minor changes will empower you to continue the positive movement in the coming weeks and months.

During the month of July, there will be two eclipses worth consideration. On July 12th/July 13th we experienced a partial solar eclipse, which coincided with the supermoon new moon. This is a time of change, new beginnings and setting your intentions for the growth and achievement to come. This will continue with the coming of the lunar eclipse on July 27th. This will provide you with clarity in regard to your past. You can either use this clarity to let go of past hurts and learn from your mistakes or to rehash this pain and unleash its negativity on your life. Be cautious about how you choose to use this new outlook. It can either build you up or tear you down.

Finally, throughout the month of July, there will be numerous planets in retrograde, each bringing its own unique influence and energy. Jupiter started the month in retrograde, remaining there until July 10th, opening our minds and pushing us to reflect upon our lives. Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Mars will all remain in retrograde throughout the entire month. Saturn will force each and every one of us to face the karma that we have created in the months leading up to this point. Meanwhile, Pluto will open our eyes to our dark side, requiring us to work throughout individual thoughts and emotions, especially those that we have buried away. The influence of Neptune’s retrograde will reveal the truth, removing any illusions and fantasy that we have created throughout our lives. Finally, the raw energy of Mars will intensify your feelings and emotions, an incredible power that can either propel you forward or cause your whole life to come crashing down depending on whether or not you show the self-control to harness these feelings for your own benefit.

While this month could, potentially, leave you reeling, the power is in your hands. Take the time to step back, consider your future and make strategic choices. Using these powerful influences in the right way could be the key to true success in all areas of your life!

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