In this life the things we deal with on a daily basis can be exhausting. Not only do our physical bodies get tired, but our souls get tired as well.

Our soul energy is something that we must maintain when our souls are tired it is a sign that we as human beings are living out of alignment with our purpose in life. When your soul is tired you will not be able to nourish your physical form. You can sleep for eight hours and still wake up feeling as if you have not rested at all.

For most of us, we know when our soul is tired because of the way it makes us feel and how persistent the pain itself is. If you think that your soul may be tired you need to assess why this could be! Many people don’t realize that a lot of the things we do have a real effect not only our bodies, but our being as a whole!

Look over the following list, if you are doing any of these things it is time to make some major changes! Doing the following will leave your soul feeling fatigued.

1. Not loving yourself.

2. Not letting go of toxic people.

3. Holding onto something that is no longer benefiting you.

4. Saying yes when you mean no.

5. Allowing others to take advantage of you.

6. Not being true to yourself.

7. Doing something that does not fulfill your purpose.

8. Allowing others to abuse your kindness.

8. Negative self-talk.

9. Holding onto the past.

10. Being afraid of the future.

11. Surrounding yourself in clutter.

12. Making excuses for your wrongdoings.

13. Not learning from your mistakes.

These things will take a very serious toll on your soul and can manifest as depression. If your soul is tired let it rest. Once you identify the issues, you can make a difference and recharge your being from the inside out.

For more information on how to boost up the process of recharging check out the video below. There are several options and for me, crystal healing and meditation really do the trick. Be true to yourself and your soul.

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