Sure, as we all know the new moon/partial solar eclipse coming our way on July 12th-13th is going to be bringing forth some new beginnings but most people aren’t aware of just how deep these changes might run. If you haven’t been preparing yourself, now is the time.

Below I am going to go over some of the things this new moon/partial solar eclipse might have in store for each of the zodiac signs. Some of these things will be completely unexpected and others you might have felt coming for quite some time. Do not be alarmed but do try your hardest to really embrace the things to come.


There is a lot going on in the world around you. You really need to look forward to the change to come but also remain focused. This new moon is going to really push you forward towards your personal goals. While you might not really think much of the direction you are heading plenty of things will begin presenting themselves in the near future.


This new moon is going to really make you feel out of whack but not in a bad way. You need to do your best to pay attention to the things going on around you. Just because something isn’t currently affecting you doesn’t mean it won’t affect you at all. Perhaps some kind of creative outing will push you out of your shell in the days to come.


This week is going to be a little frustrating for you but not just because of the new moon. Pluto will be affecting you as well. If you are feeling as if you are under pressure taking a step back and relaxing is a good idea. Don’t let things force you in over your head.


You are going to be coming to something very interesting in the week to come. While you might not be expecting it, it will be overwhelmingly positive. Don’t let anyone control you, during this time you need to really break free of any chains that have been holding you back.


You need to spend this time focusing more on other people. You are going to be coming into some kind of financial gain and you need to use it wisely. Don’t waste too much time, really do your best to get down to business but don’t overdo it. Put any plans you have been thinking about into action.


You might be feeling a bit more impulsive than you normally would be in recent times. During this time you will be learning to express yourself more properly. Don’t let the things you are currently stressing about get to you, remain as positive as you possibly can.


You might be moving up in your career world if you continue on as you have been. Don’t let anything bring you down, stay working hard and continue to persevere. While it might seem like things are all going wrong the more you pay attention to the things that are going right the more things will come together.


There is something very big coming your way. While the changes before you might feel like they are minor they are all going to be leading up to something huge. Take the opportunities before you by the hand and walk right into them. If you have been feeling stuck don’t worry, that is all coming to an end.


You are going to be encouraged to really spend time with the people you care about. Don’t ignore that urge. The people who matter the most to you have been feeling as if they are falling through the cracks. If you continue to ignore them someone might exit your life in a way you could have never imagined.


You need to be focusing on your partner in the week to come. Don’t let his or her needs fall behind your own at least for now. Your attitude has been really getting in the way of your romantic life this month and now is the time to make up for that.


Progress is slow but steady. This new moon is going to help you clear your mind big time. Don’t go too fast, let things happen at their own pace. You will begin to understand everything in time.


You are going to be coming out of your box big time in the week to come. Don’t let anyone hold you back. Stand tall and speak up for yourself no matter what. This is your chance to do something amazing.


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