When it comes to our aural energies we need to be aware of not only our own but those of others as well. The more intimate you are with someone else the more of their energies you’re taking in whether you want to admit that or not. 

Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, you need to understand that the things the people in your life all have their own energies and sometimes those energies are good but not always. When you find yourself too close to someone with a toxic or negative energy you’re putting yourself at risk in a lot of ways. The more intimate you are with someone who holds a negative aura the more they will feed off of your positive energies and the darker your own will become as a result.

We have to be careful who we share our closest most intimate forms with because those are the people who can really break us down. As our energies entwine, and we feed into one another, we also become more attached. The last thing any of us need is to create an etheric cord/bond with someone who is going to do no more than leave us feeling as if we are not good enough and incomplete.

I know, some people go around having their fun with any and everyone which is fine but knowing how to protect yourself from aural transfer in this sense could be the difference between feeling shattered or remaining content. Make sure that if you are going to be a bit more promiscuous that you continue to balance yourself and your energies after intimate events. The more toxic people you are close with the more damage your aura overall will face. 

We all must be as mindful as possible of the people we allow closest in our lives. Those people impact us in more ways than we will ever truly be able to see. If you want to live a healthy positive life you need to do your best to ensure the people you’re intimate with are on the same level as you energetically. Don’t share your energies with someone who is going to bring you down, make sure you’re sharing your energies with those who deserve them. 

I like to meditate after I am physically intimate because while I know the energies I’m taking in are positive and the person I’m being physical with is just as entwined with me as I am him, I too sometimes fall victim to this kind of thing. Even people with positive energies have days where their overall energies are a bit off. Through meditation, though we can all (and I do) reboot our auras so that they are stronger and more full.

To learn more about how to cleanse your aura take a look at the video below. You could be in need of exactly that if you’re feeling off as of late. Once again, please be aware of whom you allow the closest in your life.

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