While in more recent times people are becoming increasingly aware of the bullshit pushed on the public by the mainstream media, others refuse to believe that we are having the wool pulled over our eyes at all. Here in the US we repeatedly fall victim to the agendas being pushed and through all of this something needs to change.

I recently came across a video that explains what the mainstream media does in one of the most hilarious ways possible and thought it was worth sharing with all of you. For those who do not know, there is a man named JP Sears, he does a lot of sarcastic or humorous things with deep topics as a way to both inform and entertain the masses. His show here on Facebook has gone quite viral and has everyone thinking.

The video I am referring to above is titled ‘How to be Mind Controlled – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 71’ and is roughly three minutes long. It really puts things into perspective, big time.

His video begins as follows:

“Would you like to escape the horrible reality of your own thoughts? Me too. Learning to have your mind controlled is your key to escaping the hell of thinking for yourself.”

From this point, he moves right into imitating the average mainstream media news anchor and dives right in. He has made videos on tons of different topics and even pokes fun at some of the more ‘interesting’ communities. That all being said, his videos bring us all to question things even if just a little. There is a lot going on in this world and we are all pushed to think what the media wants us to think. The people in control of the media are only working to place us where they want us.

One of the best quotes from this video, in my opinion, is:

“I live in a constant state of fear because scary things would happen if I wasn’t scared all the time.”

We are afraid of so many things, we push for so many regulations on things that ‘might’ happen we forget that there ARE things already happening. Please before clicking play remind yourself to be openminded and really let the things he is saying sink in. This is reality.

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