Sure, you might not see her as the fragile, broken person she is but she sees each and every crack within her soul. She is not one to give up easily but this time she doesn’t know how to move forward or where to begin.

She lets herself get far too caught up in helping others, she lets her own needs fall through the seams. She has been hurt far too many times to count and she is no longer willing to put herself out there in that way. She has been chewed up, spit out, and swallowed alive time and time again. She is strong but she is exhausted.

Her fears sometimes get the best of her and you might not realize it but a lot of the things she does, she does because of the people of her past. She refuses to love again and is far too afraid to let anyone close enough to see her in that way. She remains guarded and makes all the silly jokes about how she will be ‘forever alone.’ She doesn’t get her hopes up anymore and even those who show genuine interest in her are cast aside.

She keeps her walls up and her attitude high. She doesn’t want anyone getting close enough to touch her heart. That is something she has reserved for ‘Mr. doesn’t exist.’ She wants someone to come in and sweep her off of her feet but the truth is even if someone did she would still hesitate. She is not one to let her true colors show.

Her garden is locked away and surrounded by thorns. Sure, they are rose bushes but they are far sharper than you remember. She does her best to forget the things she has been through but it is much harder than you realize. She wants to trust, to move on, to find a love she knows she deserves but it is never that easy.

Sure, you see her smile and you see her head held high but you don’t hear the thoughts running through her head. You don’t see the way she sees herself or what her day to day life is like at all. She is a mystery to you and while you like that about her it is not the best kind of beginning.

She needs someone who has plenty of time to waste, someone who is willing to wait for her. She needs you to give her all the effort she will give you. She is not going to be quick to love but she will love deeply once you have won her heart.

Don’t tell her all the things you want to do right off the bat, just show her that you will stick around. In time everything else will fall into place. Being there for her through the rough times will show her exactly what she needs to see. Give her the world that she so desperately deserves.


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