If you spend a decent amount of time on the internet chances are you have at some point seen something about the possibility of time travel. This is a topic tons of people across the globe love to get into.

This is a topic I have done my best not to delve too into but the video I came across online yesterday really blew me away. This video is one full photographs of celebrities and their ‘ancient’ counterparts. It seems Nicolas Cage himself has been prominent throughout history with one name or another.



Some of these are so strikingly similar that you have to do a double take. The similarities between our celebrities these days and the people of the past are quite amazing. Could this even be considered as proof that time traveling does exist?

Time traveling is something surrounded by mysteries and those mysteries are not going anywhere for awhile. Even Zuckerberg has a ‘twin’ based off of this. Many have looked into the photos being compared to our celebrities and they are in fact real people. Everyone from Justin Timberlake to Liam Neeson have a person of the past that looks eerily similar to them.

The more time you spend on totallylookslike.com the more common you will find this to be. Famous people seem to have lots of historical doppelgangers. It is at the very least unusual.

Express wrote as follows on this topic:

To the US they are unmistakable – world-famous celebrities who would be noticed almost anywhere in the world. So perhaps this is why they chose to travel back in time to a world of no TV or internet and complete anonymity. Either that or these celebs had 100 percent doppelgangers way back in time.

Now, whether you think they are vampires, time travelers, or this is a mere coincidence is up to you. Do you think it is possible that celebrities are going back in time?

(Image Via: youtube)

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