It is estimated that more than 38 million Americans are currently suffering from migraines, a condition that may range from a mild inconvenience to a struggle that can completely derail life as you know it. However, if you’ve been living with this condition and struggling to find a solution, this new all-natural treatment may be the answer!

If you have ever suffered a migraine, then you know just how paralyzing the experience may be. More than just your average headache, a migraine will often lead to nausea, disturbed vision and even sensitivity to light, sound, and smells. While the symptoms and their intensity may vary widely from person to person, one thing remains true – there is no one out there who wants to deal with this type of pain and suffering in their lives, and definitely not on an ongoing basis!

There are many well-known and widely accepted options to treat or manage your headaches and migraines at home. A quick google search will recommend that you lay down and take a nap in a dark, quiet room until the migraine passes, ideally with an ice pack or a cold compress on your forehead, or that you can turn to any one of a number of over-the-counter painkillers at your local drug store. However, these options are spotty at best, often leaving you high and dry.

However, a new all-natural treatment option has captured the attention of people across the country. Made by the company Migrastil, the migraine stick uses a blend of essential oils to provide you with the relief that you desire, all in a compact and travel-friendly design.

The stick is developed using the concept of aromatherapy, an alternative and holistic therapy that has been embraced for generations. The sense of smell can be used to trigger specific parts of the brain, meaning that the right essential oils can actually be used to improve your overall health and well-being. In fact, specific oils have been found to relieve aches and pains, improve circulation, and ease sinus congestion.

The migraine stick includes peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils, all blended in a base of coconut oil to make it easier to apply. The directions are simple, just apply a small amount of the oils to your temples, forehead or along the back of your neck. At only $11 per bottle, what have you got to lose?

“For people that have a degree of stress or angst, which then causes tension headaches, which then eventually can trigger migraine headaches, it’s always better to be more relaxed and calmer than to have your sympathetic nervous system excited,” explained Dr. Michael Gelb, a specialist in the treatment of headaches and migraines among other conditions. “So anything that calms you, it’s always going to make you feel better. You can’t really say anything bad about that.”

The reviews on Amazon are mixed, with some users raving about the miracle treatment, and others warning that the product is a complete bust. However, with the many varied types of headaches combined with the fact that everyone’s body responds differently, this should come as no surprise. The only way to know if it’s going to work for you is to give it a try!


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