For those who do not know the INFJ personality type is 1 of 16 when it comes to the Myers-Briggs Personality types. That being said, it just so happens to be the rarest one of them all.

It is actually not easy to spot an INFJ, they are pretty reserved or introverted for the most part. These people actually have a lot of contradicting traits that make them all the more special. If you are an INFJ the following signs will prove true for you.

12 Signs You Have an INFJ Personality:

1. You feel different.

You are different. Because of this, you may sometimes feel a bit lonely. You feel as if you cannot completely be yourself around others.

2. You are a loner.

You would rather spend time with yourself than others. You are of course good at connecting with people but would rather not. You only have a few close friends because you would rather surround yourself with people who have common interests with you.

3. You know where you are going.

You never do anything without a plan. Everything you do has a reason behind it. You are more than aware of the big picture in all situations.

4. You like to gain an understanding of what motivates others.

You often take the time to ask others why they want to be where they want to be. You understand what drives you but not what drives them. This frustrates you, you want to be able to understand why people do the things they do.

5. You are independent.

You don’t rely on others for anything. If you need something done you do it yourself. You are perfectly capable of getting through life on your own.

6. You have high-performance standards.

You want yourself to do well. You are constantly pushing yourself to do better in life. Truthfully, you are much harder on yourself than you are anyone else.

7. You do not back out of commitments.

If you say you will do something you do it. There is no backing out with you. You give your all and never disappoint.

8. You are able to make people feel comfortable with ease.

You seem to have a warmth about you that makes people feel good. People often come to you for advice because they feel they can trust you. It is like, you shine with understanding and people cannot help but flock to you.

9. You pick up on things easily.

When you are around new people, a mere look at them can tell you a lot. You can tell when someone is going through something painful and are very empathetic. That being said, if someone has bad intentions you probably know about that as well.

10. You look for meaning in life.

You want to find your purpose and will not stop until you do. You know you were meant for more. You are constantly working to connect the dots.

11. You are able to speak publicly with ease.

While you are more introverted, when it comes to speaking to others you just have a gift. You can comfort any crowd and ease the minds of those who are worried. Public speaking is where you excel.

12. You are very creative.

You are always coming up with new ideas for work and your hobbies in general. You love to be creative and are great at getting your feelings out through art regardless of what kind of art you are choosing to use. Your perception is much brighter than the perception of most.

INFJ people are amazing. These are the people who truly do make a difference in this world.

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