If you are anything like me, then you can guarantee that there is a bottle of vodka sitting behind your home bar or under your sink. Why is this my go to spirit of choice? You can mix it with anything for a quick, easy and refreshing drink! In fact, it’s a key ingredient in many of our favorite cocktails.

While there is no denying the power of vodka as a go-to beverage of choice, it has a number of benefits and uses that most people are completely unaware of! From assisting with your housework to combating the effects of poison ivy, vodka can do it all! Don’t believe me?

12 surprising uses for vodka that everyone should know:

#1 – Shine Your Glass Surfaces

Here’s the secret to making your glass surfaces shine like never before. Create your own Windex substitute by combining 1 cup of vodka, 1/4 cup of white vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon of dishwashing soap in a spray bottle. Make sure you shake it thoroughly before use.

#2 – Deodorize Your Shoes

If you have always struggled with smelly shoes, vodka may be the solution that you’re searching for. Dilute vodka with water in a spray bottle and spray it directly into your shoes. Allow them to air dry, leaving you with fresh, clean smelling footwear.

#3 – Get the Smell Out of Smelly Towels

You may have made your best efforts to wash your towels, but even after a solid washing they still have that damp towel smell. If you simply add 1/3 cup of vodka to the washing machine with your detergent of choice next time you are doing your washing, and they will be cleaner and fresher than you have ever seen before.

#4 – Make Fried Chicken Crunchier

A love of fried chicken may lead you to try every trick shared online, desperately trying to get that perfect crunchy taste. I’m going to let you in on a little secret – vodka! Add a little to your batter and you will make the perfect crispy chicken.

#5 – Soothe the Itch from Poison Ivy

If you have had an unfortunate run-in with this troublesome plant, there is little that you can do to combat the itch that follows. Good news, but you have to act fast – if you have come into contact with poison ivy then pour some vodka onto the affected area. This will help to prevent the itchy reaction before it happens.

#6 – Remove Sticker Glue

We have all found ourselves annoyed at one time or another with the glue left behind by label or price tag stickers, trying any number of tricks to remove the residue. Rather than using soap or a commercial cleaner, scrub it off with vodka for a more effective clean.

#7 – Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

If you’ve ever been gifted a bouquet of flowers, you know how disappointing it can be when they begin to wither and die. Vodka doesn’t just add a little pep to your step, it can also give a boost to your cut flowers as well. Add a teaspoon of vodka to the water in your flower vase and it will work as an antibacterial, keeping the stems free from bacteria. This will keep your flowers looking brighter and more vibrant for even longer.

#8 – De-Frizz Your Hair

The struggle against frizzy, out-of-control hair is one that many women know well. Adding a single ounce of vodka to your shampoo can help to de-frizz your hair, lower pH levels, fight oily buildup and leave your hair looking shiny and healthy!

#9 – Freshen Your Breath

If you’ve been battling bad breath, why not try making your own mouthwash? This is more cost-effective than commercially purchased products and it will allow you to control what you’re putting into your body. Simply mix 9 tablespoons of ground cinnamon in a single cup of vodka.

#10 – Boost Room Diffusers

To give your room diffuser an extra boost, add a little vodka and you will notice that they smell stronger for longer than ever before! For those of you that are skilled at making your own scents add 1/4 cup of vodka for best results.

#11 – Make Homemade Extracts

If you are a lover of cooking or baking, then you know that a good quality extract can cost you a pretty penny! Rather than breaking the bank why not try making your extracts at home? Most homemade extract recipes call for bourbon, but this can leave a very defined alcohol taste. Instead, substitute vodka for a milder flavor.

#12 – Prevent Homemade Ice Cream from Over Freezing

Every ice cream lover out there knows the disappointment that comes from opening up your favorite ice cream only to struggle to serve yourself as it has frozen too much. If you are making your own ice cream, add a single teaspoon of vodka into the mix and it will make it easy to scoop!

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