Your dreams are said to be like a secret code, revealing information about who you are as a person as well as what the future holds. From dreams about showing up without any clothes on for a big presentation to dreams about soaring through the skies, each carries an important message.

One important piece of symbolism often used to share this message is the presence of animals, with each animal carrying its own individual meaning.

Many experts believe that dreams are actually a glimpse into our unconscious mind, sharing the messages that it is unable to express through our conscious mind. Others, still, believe that it is a message from a higher power, bringing a unique perspective on our lives and what we have to look forward to in the coming days.

For those that study the symbolism in our dreams, animals are a fascinating topic. Often credited for providing insight into our most instinctual self, free from the influences of modern society, they provide us with a unique glimpse at our true personality.

Have you noticed that there is a specific animal regularly making an appearance in your dreams? Read on to discover what it is trying to tell you…

#1 – Dog

Known as ‘man’s best friend,’ it should come as no surprise to anyone that a dog appearing in your dreams is a sign of loyalty and friendship. The dog may be reminding you that you need this type of connection in your life right now, and it’s time to open your heart and mind to accept it. It may also point out that you aren’t showing this same loyalty to those around you, calling on you to step up and be that person for those that you love.

#2 – Dragonfly

A sign of change, personal growth, and transformation, if you see a dragonfly in your dreams then it is reminding you to be open to the potentially life-altering days to come. If there is one thing that is certain in this life, it’s change, and yet many of us resist it at all costs. The dragonfly is reminding you that change is not only positive but necessary in life and that it can bring great things today and in your future.

#3 – Cardinal

If you see a cardinal in your dreams, take comfort in knowing that the spirit of a loved one is visiting you. This beautiful red bird is believed to be a messenger sent from the spirit world, a sign of the love and care of someone that has left this world. Look for other signs and symbols in your dream that may be associated with a specific person, as this will help you to determine who is reaching out to you.

#4 – Peacocks

Often associated with ego and pride, the peacock is unafraid to show off its true beauty to those around them. Seeing a peacock in your dreams may be a call to take a step back in your life, hinting that you may need to learn to be humble. Being egotistical and overconfident may destroy your chances of accomplishing that which you want most, so this is important! Stop trying so hard to impress people, instead redirecting this attention into growing and evolving into the best version of yourself.

#5 – Cat

If you see a cat in your dreams, don’t ignore it. This mystical animal is associated with our intuition, opening the door to a spiritual side of ourselves that we may not otherwise be in tune with. If you have been ignoring your ‘gut feelings’ recently, the cat may be our intuition’s attempt to push past this barrier you have created, forcing you to acknowledge the warnings it is trying to send you.

#6 – Wolf

These protective pack animals are all about families and connection, and a wolf in your dreams is looking to bring you a message about just that. This is a sign that you don’t need to walk alone, often highlighting that there is someone in particular that either has already come or will be coming into your life in the coming days that will stand proudly by your side. If you have just entered into a new relationship recently, this may be the sign that you have found ‘the one.’ It may also be the reminder to look past your fears and allow yourself to be vulnerable with someone.

#7 – Hawk

Often associated with intelligence and a sharp attention to detail, the hawk is said to be warning you about a specific situation in your near future. This bird of prey is providing you with the opportunity to assess the situation before you and make a smart decision, allowing you to not only protect and take care of yourself but also those that you care about. Pay attention to what is happening when the hawk makes its appearance as it could be pointing out someone concerning that is coming to your life or a situation that you must prepare yourself to best manage.

#8 – Snake

The meaning of a snake in your dreams can date back to the tale of Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden. A snake is often a sign of evil, fear, and knowledge, tempting you to step past your fears, boundaries and limitations into the unknown. This may reveal a suppressed desire, something that you have held onto for a significant time but refused to act upon for any number of reasons. Take the time to consider the pros and cons, it may be time to try something new even if it scares you.

#9 – Spider

Whether you are afraid of spiders in real life or not, a spider in your dream is not uncommon. These tiny eight-legged creatures are often a sign of protection and control in our lives. If you are currently being controlled or manipulated by someone else, the spider may be trying to point out this negative and toxic influence in your life. On the other hand, it may be pointing out that the person you need protection from is yourself and your own self-destructive tendencies.

#10 – Bears

When the cold, bleak winter comes, the powerful and mighty bear draws within itself, hibernating to survive. In a similar way, the bear is calling on you to ‘hibernate’ for a short period in your own life on a spiritual level. While it’s not actually asking you to hide away in a cave, avoiding the world, it is asking you to step back and do some serious personal introspection. It’s time to look inside yourself first, discovering what you are truly capable of and what you hope to accomplish in this life before you take the next step forward.

#11 – Eagle

The Eagle is a well-known symbol of courage and power, and it carries the same meaning in your dreams. If you see an Eagle making its appearance, it is a reminder to tap into your inner strength in the coming days. A situation is coming that will require courage and determination, and this majestic bird is reminding you that you possess those qualities even if you don’t’ believe that you do. You are going to be challenged, but you are more than capable of handling anything that life sends your way.

#12 – Ladybug

These little black and red creatures are an unmistakable sign of good luck when you see them, either in person or in your dreams. This may mean that something great is coming your way, so long as you continue working in the direction you are headed. If you are currently experiencing a time of trial, they may also mean that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you see a ladybug know that good news is coming!

#13 – Ants

Hardworking and determined, if you see ants in your dream it may be a clear reminder that you have unfinished business that requires your complete focus. Don’t worry, you won’t be required to face this alone! Like the ants, you are surrounded by a close and dependable group of family and friends that will happily join you in your efforts. Together you can accomplish far more than any one of you could do alone.

#14 – Blue Jay

These beautiful bluebirds are largely connected with communication and our ability to connect with others. The blue jay is known for its ability to mimic the sounds of others, a defense mechanism that serves it well in the wild. This master of communication will show up in your dreams when you need a reminder to focus on your own communication. Whether you are talking too much, and not actually acting on your promises, or failing to share your thoughts with those around you, take a step back and reassess your people skills.

#15 – Doves

A well-known sign of peace, harmony, and light throughout our society, if you see a dove in your dreams it likely brought you comfort and serenity. While the dove is often associated with Christianity, it carries a message of peace that transcends religion. It may be calling on you to let go of negative feelings in your life like anger or hatred, embracing the freedom that can only be found through forgiveness. It is often a sign of the start of a new chapter in your life with great promise to come.

#16 – Owl

Used throughout our society today as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, there is no surprise that an owl holds the same meaning when it appears in our dreams. An owl in your dreams may be calling you to open your mind to new information, revealing the answers to some of life’s mysteries. It may also be a sign that you need to do some self-reflection, as the information that you required is within. Pay attention to everything else that is happening in the dream for a better clue as to what knowledge you are to gain.


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