People in the blood group ‘O’ are unique and important because they can give blood to all other groups. But you see, while they can give to all they can only receive blood from people of the same ‘O’ blood type as them.

That’s actually not the only thing that sets them apart from the crowd. People with this blood type are also prone to specific diseases and have a few powerful characteristics. People with this blood type seem to overall have higher energy amounts and are able to stay focused easily.

However, they are prone to diseases like:


Thyroid dysfunction

Low thyroid hormone levels

Iodine deficiency

These diseases can cause water retention and undesired excessive body weight. In Japan, it is considered normal to ask someone their blood type during an interview as people who are ‘O’ blood type are generally more responsible. When people with this blood type are under stress they tend to become angry and impulsive. This causes them to have poor diet and unhealthy habits when stressed which is a very big issue.

People with ‘O’ blood type should try to stay stress-free or at least try not to stress much since when they become stressed it can be harmful to their metabolic processes. Things like:

Insulin resistance

Slowing thyroid gland activity

People in this group can have higher levels of stomach acid than other blood groups as well causing them to have sensitive stomachs and they should definitely stay away from caffeine and alcohol. This is because things like caffeine and alcohol can raise their adrenaline levels which are already pretty high as it is.

Do you have ‘O’ blood type? If so have you noticed any of these things? For more information about this subject watch the video below.

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