Sure, it’s never easy to walk away from someone you care about, even if they don’t care about you but it is something we all have to do at one point in our lives or another.

In this day and age, technology is something we cannot avoid and with that comes the internet and social media’s like Facebook and so forth. While these social media platforms do bring us together in some ways they tear us apart in others. Years ago I knew a girl who had a boyfriend that was no good for her.

He would constantly flirt with other females and basically go out of his way to cause her heart pain. This is what we call wanting to have his ‘cake’ and eat it too. He wanted to keep her on the side and for her to think they were much more serious than they were all the while doing his best to find someone he deemed ‘better.’

This tore her apart and was hard to watch. It was something I and some of her other close friends tried to help her realize but of course, the lesson was hers to learn. All we could do was let her know we would be there for her when she felt the time was right.

She continued on with this boy for far too long, she allowed him to make his way into just about every single thought she had, she was head over heels. However, her infatuation was not enough, he was still more than willing to jump the bones of anyone who would let him. It’s sickening, to be honest. One day she noticed he had blocked her on his Facebook account and when she asked him why he lied, he told her he had just deactivated it and that there must have been some kind of glitch. I think she knew in her heart that he was lying, that there was no way something like that could have occurred but she wanted to believe him so she did.

Anyway, a few days went by and we soon understood what was going on. He had removed her and anyone who was friends with her from his account so that he could literally begin a relationship with someone else. He was stringing her along ‘in a relationship’ with her but also with this other girl.

Needless to say, when she found out she was devastated. They ended up parting ways at this point but the toll it took on her was painful even for her other friends and me to watch. We stayed there by her side through it all but this was something even I learned from.

Seeing her go through this made me more aware than ever that people can be complete shit. This might sound like something most people don’t do but actually, lots of people do it. They block their significant other from their social media accounts as if it is going to keep their secrets? They deceive those who are supposed to matter most to them.

When someone blocks you from their social media account they are cutting you off in a way that is still somewhat new, it stings and even if their reason is legitimate it still shouldn’t happen. It invites uncertainty into the relationship and causes the blocked party to question everything. If you are going to cheat break up and if you are trying to make things work don’t do this kind of thing.

This is a clear sign that he or whoever has blocked you doesn’t want you in his or her life. If you let someone block communications with you like that it is your own fault. You should always keep your wellbeing in mind.

Sometimes guys will talk to us for weeks or months online only to ghost us once we begin getting close. Why do they do this? They block us instead of giving us the closure we deserve. People can be literal asshats, and regardless of your situation, being blocked online doesn’t feel good.

Could you imagine your significant other having you blocked online? What if someone you were falling for suddenly blocked you out of the blue? What kind of toll do you think that would take on you? Don’t say you wouldn’t care because I know that is bullshit.

The digital age has brought with it many more problems for those who are dating or trying to build a relationship but things don’t have to be this way. Even if we don’t intend to hurt someone we still can. We don’t put as much thought into the things we do online as we should. If your significant other blocks you on Facebook it should be a clear sign that you need to move on.

Let go of that baggage and take care of yourself. You don’t deserve to be treated that way. I know this might sound a bit scattered but I do hope you got my message.


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