We live in a world that is highly technologically dependent, our smartphones never out of reach. When these devices malfunction or act up, we find ourselves seeking a solution, but the answer may surprise you!

There is no denying the fact that technology is an integral part of life in the United States, with an estimated 95% of Americans owning a cell phone of some form, and 73% owning either a desktop or laptop. We rely on these devices for everything from banking and organization to communication and entertainment, and when they don’t work the way that they are supposed to it can be a source of great stress.

There are many theories for why a device may suddenly start acting up. Obviously, there may be a completely logical reason caused by a malfunction of the device itself, requiring it either be repaired or replaced. However, if you’ve had the problem looked at and the professionals are telling you that there’s nothing wrong with it, then it’s time to look into the possible alternatives.

Recently with all the planetary retrogrades of the summer, the shift of Mercury into retrograde became a topic of conversation. An event that happens approximately 3-4 times each year, Mercury Retrograde is said to cause problems with our electronics. Others will look to a more paranormal explanation, citing the impact that ghosts and spirits have on electronics. These beings are said to possess an incredibly high level of electrical energy, and their very presence can cause electronic devices to turn on and off or malfunction.

However, there is another explanation that is rarely explored. Each of us possesses our own individual energy field, otherwise known as our aura. While most people refer to the human aura when discussing whether someone is considered ‘good or evil’, or focusing on understanding their truest self, this field of energy may actually have a greater impact on our lives than we realize.

The human aura isn’t a stagnant influence in our lives. In fact, it’s color and intensity are both dependent on how you are feeling at any given moment. When you are calm and relaxed, so too is your energy field, however, if you are experiencing strong emotions such as those of anger or sadness, this can intensify your aura. Much like the impact that ghosts and spirits have on our electronic devices, our own energy field, when it is at it’s strongest, may affect devices like computers, phones, televisions, and radios.

In most cases, this impact can be subdued simply by calming yourself down. If notice these devices turning on or off, static on your television or radio, or difficulty getting your devices to connect then take a step back from the situation. Simple breathing exercises or meditation can help you to calm your mind and your soul, bringing this energy back under control. If, however, this becomes an ongoing problem in your life you may wish to consult a Reiki practitioner to help you align your chakras and once again center the energy within your being.


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