In life and love, we tend to take those who really care about us for granted. It is far too easy to fall into the habit of acting like nothing but ourselves matter.

If you keep acting the way you are, you are going to drive her away. She is not going to stick around forever. She is not someone that wants to be treated like an option, she wants to know you care.

You cannot keep promising her the world only to offer her nothing. Making her feel so replaceable is not going to keep her around. We have all been in hard relationships at one point or another. There are going to be ups and downs whether you like it or not. How we face those ups and downs says a lot about who we are.

Sure, right now she couldn’t fathom the thought of being without you but the more time that goes by the stronger she will become. She will eventually be too tired to put up with your bullshit. Her emotions will burn out and she is going to finally put her foot down. One day she will say no to the torture you put her through.

If you don’t make her feel included or cared for it is your own fault. Stop keeping her so distant, she wants to be there for you in all possible ways. She wants to make you happy and to really build a life with you.

She deserves everything that she thinks she sees in you and more, so why not give it to her? Do you really want to wake up one day to find that she is long gone? Do you want her to close herself off and disappear? I promise you, if you do not shape up it will happen.

If you do not commit to her she will not stick around forever. Once she sees what she truly deserves and works up the nerve to go after it you are done for. She needs someone to give their all for her in the way she does for you. You have never given her a reason to expect more from you but she always has.

She has always thought that someday you would shape up and become the person she thought you were. She would be willing to go to great lengths to ensure you were happy but for some reason, you could never do the same for her. If you are just going to drive her away in the end. Why are you wasting her time?

Do you really think she is going to put up with this forever? Do you think she is that worthless? Why don’t you respect her enough to let her go, don’t be so selfish. Love her in the ways she deserves to be loved.

Stop making it so hard for her to have the love she deserves. Either get your shit together and prove to her that she should stick around or let her move on now, stop stringing her along. Whether it takes her a few weeks, months, or years she will eventually be done with you.

She will have finally had enough. Don’t drive her away. Make the needed changes, losing her would be a terrible mistake. We should put more effort into the people who truly love us.

These are the people who would be there for us through the things life throws our way. We shouldn’t be using them. She is suffering, stop putting her through that, be the person she sees in you.


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