Just a few days ago on May 22nd, an extreme solar wind swept through and intensified the auroras big time. This year has surprisingly been quite interesting in regards to the Sun and the energy surrounding us.

Now, along with this, we have noted a stream of solar wind approaching Earth. This wind is due to arrive on our planet around May 27th-28th. This gaseous material is flowing from a northern hole in the Sun’s atmosphere. According to Space Weather, this could literally spark high-latitude auroras in the weekend to come.

While any potential solar storms associated with this hole are currently going to be considered B-class they could become much more powerful as time goes on. As the Sun rotates we will become more aware of the underlying sunspots and potential for stronger explosions. For those who do not know, this is alarming as solar winds like mentioned above are a stream of particles from the sun that can heat the Earth’s outer atmosphere and cause it to expand.

Because of the magnetic waves and other energies of this kind that also make their way here it can be a bit devastating to those who are energetically sensitive. The wind, as mentioned above, is basically moving at around 500 km per second and could potentially cause a geomagnetic disturbance of some kind. On the bright side, our magnetic field here on Earth works to protect us within reason.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that tend to come with these kinds of Sun situations (geomagnetic storms) and what you should expect. Solar flares, solar winds, and everything else of the sort can really affect our lives here on Earth. To be completely honest, it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes.

The Common Symptoms Associated With Geomagnetic Storms:


Hot flashes

A ringing of the ears

Sleep disturbances


Extreme stress

Feeling overwhelmed

Losing track of time


That being said, this is not something to be too concerned with at this point in time. Usually, these kinds of disturbances are merely temporary and don’t cause too much of an issue. If you notice things are getting a bit too intense for you try taking a salt bath or get out in nature and relax. These things will pass, don’t obsess. If you want to keep up with what is going on in regards to space weather click here.


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