Sure, we all have our quirks and flaws but sometimes we sabotage ourselves more than we realize. While you might not think that these things make a big difference in your life, they do.

Below I am going to go over some of the things each zodiac sign does that makes them a bit self-sabotaging. No, you don’t have to completely change these things about yourself but you should pay attention to them sometimes. Being aware is more than enough to really get things rolling in a more positive manner.


You tend to really go out of your way to make sure you are closed off from the rest of the world. While you are pretty outgoing you don’t really let others in as much as you should. You spend far too much time getting work done and nowhere near enough time with those who actually care about you.


You tend to really get set in your ways. You don’t compromise at all and it really holds you back much more than you realize. You need to take the wants and needs of others into consideration. Not everything can always go your way, stop being so selfish.


You hide yourself from the people around you. You tend to only let them see what you want them to see and it isn’t a good thing. While they do like you they don’t get to see the best parts of you. Stop forcing yourself into that tiny little box, you are amazing and everyone will see that more so if you reveal your true self.


You don’t really understand why you feel the things you feel so you refuse to feel them. You let fear get the best of you and you become too attached to the people closest to you. All of these things make you a ticking time bomb in more ways than you think. You really need to figure out how to better understand your heart.


Your ego is what really holds you back and gets you in the most trouble. While you think there is nothing wrong with being so self-absorbed the people around you really pick up on it from time to time. You prevent yourself from making deeper connections. While your pride is also a big issue realizing the world doesn’t revolve around you would be beneficial.


As a Virgo, you might not really realize how much you criticize others but you do it a lot. Stop being so judgmental, just because you want to give advice doesn’t mean you should. You are only setting yourself up for failed friendships and ruining your connections with those who actually care about you.


You need to really stop letting other people take advantage of you. In allowing other people to run all over you, you are really causing yourself more pain. You need to be in charge of your own life, there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and doing the things you want.


You are someone that puts up too much of a guard. You hold back too much and refuse to let people see you for who you are. You are going to sabotage yourself time and time again if you don’t figure out how to let people in.


You are probably the most self-sabotaging sign on this list. You jump ship every single time things begin getting serious. By avoiding things that you don’t understand you really cause a lot of emotional turmoil for yourself.


You don’t let yourself have time to relax. You are too caught up in stress and all the painful aspects of this life but you need to focus on some of the more positive things. Life holds a lot more than just the negative. Being a bit more optimistic might work in your favor. Stop taking everything so seriously.


You don’t ever truly accept your emotions in the ways you should. This really limits your abilities within this life. You need to learn to properly face the things you feel in your life and move forward regardless of what you are feeling. Even when the emotions before you are negative, they shouldn’t be locked away.


You spend your time in worlds that are not your own. This keeps you from really getting out there and spending time in reality. This sabotages you in more ways than you might think. While there is nothing wrong with having hobbies, they shouldn’t control your life.

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